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DOD, GSA, and NASA propose rule to include the process of validating a CCR registrant's tax ID number with the IRS.

DOD, GSA, and NASA have proposed a rule to amend the FAR to include the process of validating a Central Contractor Registration ("CCR") registrant's taxpayer identification number ("TIN") with the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS"). A prerequisite to being awarded a contract by the DOD or civilian agencies is vendor registration in the CCR. The agencies noted that for some time, the idea of validating a registrant's TIN with the IRS has been contemplated; however, due to technological and logistical deficiencies, it has not been plausible. Now, however, the agencies noted that sufficient technological advancements have been made that would allow for a near real-time Web-based solution that could integrate the CCR with the IRS/TIN system. The agencies assert that, as a result of this proposed rule, changes to the FAR would include (1) modifying FAR 2.101 to indicate that the validation requirements for "registered in CCR" include TIN matching and (2) adding detail to the FAR clause at 52.204-7 to identify specifically validation of the TIN as a part of the definition of CCR registration. Comments are due by December 19, 2005. (70 Fed. Reg. 60782, 10/19/05)

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Title Annotation:Regulations
Publication:Contract Management
Date:Dec 1, 2005
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