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DOCTORS want the Government to introduce ways of tracking bottles of booze to tackle underage drinking.

The ambitious plan is just one of a raft of proposals to be discussed at the Irish Medical Organisation's annual conference in Killarney next month.

Dr Joe Barry, a public health doctor and former IMO president, is proposing the motions. He also wants to see Don't Drink and Drive warnings on alcoholic drinks and a sliding alcohol tax scale, which would see low alcohol beer taxed least, and spirits taxed the most.

Under his plan, gardai who confiscate alcohol from underage drinkers could then find out where it had been sold, and prosecute the off-licence responsible.

Dr Barry told the Irish Sunday Mirror: "Alcohol could carry barcodes identifying sales outlets, or just a label with the name on, like chemists do with medicines."

He added: "Brian Cowen promised in the Budget that he would bring in a sliding scale of tax on alcohol, so we're just trying to nudge him along on that."


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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 9, 2008
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