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DOC reaffirms dumping ruling, but reduces most duties.

The U.S. Department of Commerce stood by its initial ruling in announcing Nov. 9 that Chinese manufacturers of wood bedroom furniture "made sales of subject merchandise to their U.S. customers at less than fair value."

In issuing its final affirmative determination in the antidumping investigation, the DOC lowered the dumping margins of four of the seven "mandatory respondents" and raised margins on the other three. Markor International was the biggest benefactor, as its dumping margin dropped from 8.38% to 0.79%. Conversely, Tech Lane Furniture was slapped with a 198.08% margin; it had been set at 9.86% in June.

The dumping margin for a pool of 115 companies, accounting for 65% of Chinese wood bedroom imports, was lowered from 10.92% to 8.64%. Read more on
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Title Annotation:Breaking News
Publication:Wood & Wood Products
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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