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DOC 1 Query.

DOC 1 Query, the newest module in DOC 1 Series 5 is composed of modules to manage every aspect of a companys business documents, from data acquisition and content creation through multi-channel delivery and web-based customer care. The solution one of the electronic document management modules of DOC 1 Series 5, is a data-mining tool that enables users to query and extract data from dynamic print stream output (AFP, Metacode and line data) without programming or IT involvement. Query results can be displayed in XML or CSV (Comma Separated Value) format for importing into spreadsheets, databases and other applications for further analysis while eliminating re=keying of information. Frequently, summary data and other information are available only from documents--whether in paper or electronic form. The challenge for business users has been to locate and extract data from dynamic documents, such as account statements and utility bills, where information is not on a fixed position on every page. The pattern recognition and parsing technology of DOC 1 Query locates and extracts information from documents with varying formats and business rules.

DOC 1 Query is composed of three core components: Query Designer, Query Client md Query Web. Query Designer enables power users to create new reports and queries. The tool provides the ability to model a document in order to create templates or pre-defined quefies for access by business users. Query Client and Query Web provide users, such as accountants, business analysts, and sales and marketing personnel, with access to pre- defined reports and queries through the Web or a desktop interface. Users can filter their results, extract information from reports, and load data into databases, spreadsheets or third-party applications for further analysis.
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Date:Jan 1, 2004
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