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PAVING THE WAY Could you possibly advise me how to remove Cuprinol Exterior Wood Preservative that has unfortunately spilled onto my paving slabs? If its not soaked too far into the slabs, use an Abracs poly abrasive disk. Attach to an angle grinder and off you go, it's very easy to use and the pad can be used lightly or aggressively as required.

Scratch and polish What will fix a scratch on a conglomerate marble fire back plate with mixed cream colours? Lithofin Power-Clean works wonders on polished marble. It costs about PS10 for 1 litre. There are a few marble scratch repair kits out there, your issue will be getting a filler to match mixed creams.

Break the seal Which products are best to clean and seal my black limestone patio? For any external hardstandings, I just either washing-up liquid or bleach and a stiff bristle brush to wash the paving, usually on a rainy day. I never use anything to seal external paving as once it wears off, it can look patchy.

Kristiansund 988x500mm Heated towel rail PS49.97 from, this helps keep towels dry after every shower.

DAMP FINE SOLUTION My daughter has bad condensation in her lounge. It's in one corner of the room on the outside wall. Is there anything she can do other than have the dehumidifier running constantly? The condensation is forming on the wall because the wall is cold. Installing an additional radiator as close to the condensation as possible should help to ease the problem.

Have you got a question for Donny? Email your query to m.mcmonagle@ Tip of THEWEEK Apparently, after you peel your potatoes you should pour the white starchy water over the weeds in your garden to kill them. I'm trying it this week.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 28, 2019
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