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DNA topoisomerases; methods and protocols.


DNA topoisomerases; methods and protocols.

Ed. by Duncan J. Clarke.

Humana Press Inc.


267 pages




Topoisomerases, along with gyrases, are enzymes that alter the topology of DNA, performing such functions during cell division as DNA replication, transcription, and recombination; and chromosome condensation and segregation. Previous volumes in the series have set out methodologies for investigating the enzymes, and in this one, scientists from various biomedical disciplines focus on methods and protocols that have emerged since those volumes were published, thus providing an addendum rather than an update. The topics include the two-dimensional agarose gel electrophoresis of DNA topoisomers, single-molecule magnetic tweezer studies of type IB topoisomers, binding DNA topoisomers I and II to replication origins, assaying topoisomers II checkpoints in yeast, the cytological analysis of chromosome structural defects that result from topoisomers II dysfunction, and the depletion and mutation of topoisomerase II in animal cells.

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