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Gardai still seek mum of baby left on beach 3 years ago; Bid to end stillborn tot mystery. JOHN KIERANS Oct 16, 2021 294
ITV Code of a Killer: True story of killer Colin Pitchfork and what happened to him; Colin Pitchfork was imprisoned for two murders in the 1980s. By, Lisa Haseldine Oct 11, 2021 346
Forensic training conducted for 32 judges at KU's ICCBS. Oct 7, 2021 297
Narayanganj factory fire: One more body identified, handed over to family. Sep 29, 2021 171
DNA database 'hits' in 1,100 crime cases; Forensic evidence helping to nail more suspects. SEAN MCCARTHAIGH Sep 17, 2021 369
Mystery man's body to be exhumed. Sep 13, 2021 260
'unknown man' to be exhumed. STEVE BAGNALL AND ANNA LEWIS Peporters Sep 12, 2021 518
Double murders led to a forensics revolution. Sep 6, 2021 412
Double child killer Colin Pitchfork to be freed from UK jail THIS WEEK. Sep 1, 2021 588
Tests failed to show condoms used on Sharon -Witness. Jul 14, 2021 309
Charred bones leave firefighters horrified. Jul 10, 2021 678
'The charred bodies are our only hope'. Jul 10, 2021 672
Proteomics: A Prospective New Tool in Forensic Investigations. Kumar, S.; Singh, P. Jul 1, 2021 4168
Police urge Putrajaya to reconsider proposed collection of DNA samples from newborn babies to better fight crime. Jun 30, 2021 324
DNA pioneer: Don't let this killer go free; FURY AT PAROLE FOR MONSTER. EXCLUSIVE by Dan Warburton Jun 13, 2021 583
Dr Panjwani Center resumes DNA testing. May 28, 2021 170
InVita Healthcare Technologies Invests in STACS DNA. May 19, 2021 238
InVita Healthcare Technologies Invests in STACS DNA. May 19, 2021 216
Emma accused's DNA found on the seat of her BMW; forensic evidence at murder trial Court hears of blood droplets in house. GRANT MCCABE May 5, 2021 251
Molecular epidemiology of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from lower respiratory tract of ICU patients/Epidemiologia molecular de Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolada em pacientes com infeccoes do trato respiratorio inferior admitidos em UTI. Yang, X.; Lai, Y.; Li, C.; Yang, J.; Jia, M.; Sheng, J. Apr 3, 2021 6652
DNA testing plan can help to boost national beef herd; DNA profiling could help Scotland's beef industry lead the way on traceability while offering the tools to improve the productivity of the national herd. Mar 30, 2021 442
Need for Institutionalizing DNA Fingerprinting for Variety Identification of Crops Stressed. Mar 19, 2021 315
Sex attacks link to one man. CONOR RIORDAN Mar 4, 2021 331
the ones who got away; In the years before DNA profiling, crimes were even more difficult to crack and mystery still surrounds scores of grim murders. Vikki White looks at the nine notorious killings from the 1960s and 70s that still mystify detectives to this day. Feb 24, 2021 1152
An Optional Low-Cost Method of Extracting Environmental DNA of Macro-Organisms from Filter Membranes in Large Scale eDNA Surveys. Chen, Zhi; Minamoto, Toshifumi; Lin, Longshan; Gao, Tianxiang Report Feb 24, 2021 6609
'Fred the Head' murder mystery still grips police 50 years on; DNA clues from skeleton found on RiverTrent island draw a blank. Helen Kreft Staff Reporter Feb 18, 2021 859
Single hair may solve mystery of spy death; TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES OFFER HOPE OF DNA PROFILE. TOM AMBROSE and LYDIA MORRIS Feb 16, 2021 439
Single hair could solve spy-in-the-bag riddle. STEPHEN WHITE Feb 15, 2021 184
Single hair found on spy could solve case; DNA profile could help clear up MI6 operative's body-in-a-bag mystery. STEPHEN WHITE Feb 15, 2021 504
WE HAVEN'T GIVEN UP ON SOLVING MYSTERY OF 'FRED THE HEAD' 50 years unidentified but detectives still searching for answers. HELEN KREFT Sunday Mercury Writer Feb 14, 2021 957
Mystery of British spy found locked in a bag could be solved with single hair; MI6 spy Gareth Williams was found naked inside a red holdall in the bathtub of his flat in Pimlico, central London, in 2010, prompting a murder inquiry. By, Tom Ambrose Feb 14, 2021 418
Blood samples obtained from Angoda Lokka's family. Feb 13, 2021 377
Angelica embarks anew on search for missing son in 'Walang Hanggang Paalam'. Feb 11, 2021 312
NIA seeks DNA profiles of Angoda Lokka's family from Sri Lanka. Feb 5, 2021 342
SFDL has capability to deal with full spectrum of DNA, Serology cases: Dr Ishtiaq. Jan 29, 2021 235
Killer traced and brought back in weeks; MOIRA JONES CASE. Jan 22, 2021 264
Causes Of Infidelity. Jan 20, 2021 1239
Biopiracy: Abolish Corporate Hijacking of Indigenous Medicinal Entities. Imran, Yoonus; Wijekoon, Nalaka; Gonawala, Lakmal; Chiang, Yu-Chung; De Silva, K. Ranil D. Report Jan 1, 2021 5480
Balochistan Levies Force officials attend short training on biological evidence. Dec 21, 2020 236
DNA test confirms MP Justus Murunga fathered one of lover's children. Dec 14, 2020 328
DNA test confirms MP Justus Murunga fathered one of lover's children. Dec 14, 2020 339
DNA profile missing for 234 people on Garda list. JAMES WARD Nov 26, 2020 172
Training on 'Disaster Management in Mass Fatality Cases' on Nov 16. Nov 15, 2020 199
Choc-loving thief caught by his DNA; Sweet tooth led to raider's downfall. VIC RODRICK Oct 13, 2020 268
The Use of Bone Fluorescence to Facilitate DNA Sampling. Eleftheriou, Theodora; Papaioannou, Aikaterini; Christensen, Angi M.; Hefner, Joseph T. Sep 22, 2020 4458
SFDL submits DNA reports of Marwa murder case within time: Spokesman. Sep 17, 2020 158
Police hope for forensic DNA breakthrough in hunt for rapist; victim WAS CARRIED AWAY BY ATTACKER. JEANETTE OLDHAM Investigations Editor Jul 30, 2020 385
DNA tests on masks 'key to solving crime'. Jul 29, 2020 1153
Kilimani murder: Autopsy reveals woman was sexually assaulted. Jul 24, 2020 401
Dela Rosa wants to establish DNA database to help solve crimes. Jul 4, 2020 274
De La Rosa bats for DNA database to improve criminal justice system. Jul 4, 2020 468
Forensic Techniques for the Isolation of Spermatozoa from Sexual Assault Samples--A Review. Chapman, B.R.B.; Blackwell, S.J.; Muller, L.H. Jul 1, 2020 9379
Amaranthus palmeri a New Invasive Weed in Spain with Herbicide Resistant Biotypes. Torra, Joel; Royo-Esnal, Aritz; Romano, Yolanda; Osuna, Maria Dolores; Leon, Ramon G.; Recasens, Jor Jul 1, 2020 7264
maddie cops probe saliva in hols flat; Germans want to compare sample with suspect DNA. MARTIN FRICKER in Praia da Luz and ANDY LINES in Braunschweig Jun 18, 2020 511
MADDIE COPS PROBE SALIVA IN HOLS FLAT; Germans want to compare sample with suspect DNA. MARTIN FRICKER in Praia da Luz and ANDY LINES in Braunschweig Jun 18, 2020 538
Maddie McCann police clash over sharing DNA evidence that could lead to breakthrough; German investigators want to retest a saliva sample found on Madeleine McCann's bed in the holiday apartment she vanished from -though the Portuguese are reportedly unwilling to budge after their scientists failed to extract a full DNA profile. By, Martin Fricker & Andy Lines & Ryan Merrifield Jun 18, 2020 818
SFDL claims to have adopted international quality standards during DNA analysis of crash victims. Jun 14, 2020 432
Molecular Characterization of Methicillin-Resistant and Methicillin- Susceptible Staphylococcus aureus Isolates Obtained from Human-Skin Samples in Iraq. Abed, Suha; Assie, Akeel; Abu-Elteen, Khaled; Dheeb, Batol; Abu-Qatouseh, Luay Report Jun 1, 2020 5109
Identification of PK 8303 crash victims to be completed by Monday. Jun 1, 2020 217
Identification of PK 8303 crash victims to be completed by Monday. Jun 1, 2020 217
Cross matched DNA reports of PIA plane crash victims are fast being finalized. May 31, 2020 457
SFDL to complete DNA test of air crash victims in six to seven days. May 30, 2020 256
Four more plane crash victims identified via DNA process. May 30, 2020 156
Authenticating Arabica Varieties Through DNA Fingerprinting: A new study of DNA fingerprinting for Arabica coffee finds widespread lack of genetic conformity across farms, nurseries, and seed gardens. May 1, 2020 704
Genetic Evolution of Mycobacterium abscessus Conferring Clarithromycin Resistance during Long-Term Antibiotic Therapy. Li, Bing; Guo, Qi; Mao, Yanhua; Zou, Yuzhen; Zhang, Yongjie; Zhang, Zhemin; Chu, Haiqing Apr 30, 2020 4530
CSIs imparted training of collection, handling of biological evidence at a crime scene. Mar 15, 2020 432
'Underpants burglar' goes on the run; NEWS WIRE. Mar 3, 2020 201
Ohio authorities make an arrest in 2016 deaths of Sycamore mother, son. Associated Press Feb 26, 2020 257
Mummy Takabuti was victim of a stabbing Experts use DNA testing to; Experts use DNA testing to solve 2,600-year mystery. MAURICE FITZMAURICE Jan 28, 2020 656
A scam that tries to extort money from registered sex offenders has been tried a. Jan 8, 2020 140
DNA-Detection Based Diagnostics for Taenia solium Cysticercosis in Porcine. Waema, Maxwell W.; Misinzo, Gerald; Kagira, John M.; Agola, Eric L.; Ngowi, Helena A. Report Jan 1, 2020 5552
Registered sex offenders are target of scam: Sheriff. Dec 31, 2019 144
Sindh Forensic DNA lab holds training session for prosecutors. Dec 21, 2019 427
Sindh Forensic DNA lab holds training session for prosecutors - Press Release issued by University of Karachi. Dec 19, 2019 500
Sindh Forensic DNA lab holds training session for prosecutors. Dec 19, 2019 454
NDD currently under construction. Dec 17, 2019 220
KEM Hospital takes the lead in training Police and Medical examiners in collection and handling of Forensic DNA evidence. ANI Nov 20, 2019 850
SC's Monitoring Judge visits forensic DNA lab. Nov 2, 2019 403
Supreme Court's Monitoring Judge visits forensic DNA lab - Press Release issued by University of Karachi. Nov 2, 2019 453
HE DID KILL HER; Throughout the trial and after six Garda interviews, Boy A denied he was ever in the abandoned farmhouse he reveals he WAS there, had Ana in a headlock, choked her, hit her with a building block and admits... JEROME REILLY Oct 30, 2019 1161
Pentagon Claims Al-Baghdadi Buried at Sea, Like Bin Laden, But Photo, Video Proof Remains Classified. Oct 29, 2019 356
Syria Kurds say took DNA sample from Baghdadi underwear. Oct 29, 2019 330
'Disposal complete': ISIS chief al-Baghdadi buried at sea, like bin Laden, says Pentagon. Oct 28, 2019 326
Catching Britain's Killers showed how science could help people overcome grief, horror and fear. Oct 11, 2019 349
Forensic DNA lab holds training or police surgeons. Oct 10, 2019 557
Forensic DNA lab holds training or police surgeons - Press Release issued by University of Karachi. Oct 10, 2019 605
US To Collect DNA Of All Undocumented Migrants. AFP News Oct 3, 2019 356
US to collect DNA of all undocumented migrants. Oct 3, 2019 352
Molecular Fingerprint of "Signature 3" Is Key. Oct 1, 2019 256
Criminals to be traced and profiled through DNA, says Matiang'i. Sep 28, 2019 563
Hands-on training for cops to improve DNA related investigation skills. Sep 26, 2019 474
First training session for cops at DNA Lab. Sep 25, 2019 494
DNA Fingerprinting of Walleye Sander Vitreum from Saginaw Bay: Genetic Effects of Stocking. Sep 22, 2019 214
No single 'gay gene,' according to largest ever DNA analysis. Aug 30, 2019 637
New DNA machines to help crack unresolved murders. Aug 30, 2019 441
Sindh's first Forensic DNA Lab established at Dr Panjwani Center. Aug 29, 2019 538
Sindh's first Forensic DNA Lab established at Dr Panjwani Center. Aug 29, 2019 606
Sindh's first Forensic DNA Lab established. Aug 28, 2019 595
Sindh's first Forensic DNA Lab established - Press Release issued by University of Karachi. Aug 28, 2019 639
Woman indicted in death of Baby Hope Hope: 'This indictment is one step closer toward a resolution,' sheriff says. Aug 6, 2019 367
Woman indicted in death of Baby Hope Hope: 'One step closer toward a resolution'. Aug 6, 2019 367
Woman indicted in death of Baby Hope Hope: 'One step closer toward a resolution'. Aug 6, 2019 554
Woman indicted in death of Baby Hope. Aug 6, 2019 367
Unknown woman, identified only by her DNA, indicted in Baby Hope probe. Aug 6, 2019 379
Barbers refiles bill on creation of national DNA database. Jul 19, 2019 669
Department of Forensic Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi calls for implementation of one-stop sexual assault examination centres with DNA Testing facilities across India. Jul 17, 2019 882
AIIMS forensic dept calls for one-stop sexual assault examination centres with DNA testing facilities. Jul 17, 2019 491
Confirmed: One of two 'suicide bombers' in Sulu blasts a Filipino. Jul 10, 2019 390
Forensic experts give evidence at rape trial; Court: Mixed DNA profile found on alleged victim's clothing. Jul 4, 2019 384
20 YEARS OF PRIDE OF BRITAIN. Jul 4, 2019 244
Danat issues first DNA fingerprinting report on coral. Jun 30, 2019 359
Recovery of DNA from Teeth Exposed to Variable Temperatures. Federchook, Taylor J.; Pokines, James T.; Crowley, Kate; Grgicak, Catherine M. Jun 22, 2019 6699
Facebook reunites Kenyan twins separated at birth. Jun 17, 2019 618
Kakamega hospital in frenzied search for twins' birth records. Jun 17, 2019 644
Sharon and Melon are identical twins, DNA tests reveal. Jun 15, 2019 212
BRICKBATS. Oliver, Charles May 29, 2019 592
Rape, murder suspect arrested after DNA profiling. May 11, 2019 479
Microsatellites and VNTR typing in clinical settings. Brunstein, John May 1, 2019 3622
Experts call for making DNA testing mandatory in violent crimes. Apr 17, 2019 872
Indian Forensic Labs set to double DNA testing volume. Mar 28, 2019 731
Using DNA Fingerprinting to Detect the Genetic Relationships in Acacia by Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat Markers. Alhasnawi, Arshad Naji; Mandal, Amar Mousa; Jasim, Haider Mahmooed Mar 1, 2019 4105
Could Your DNA Solve a Murder? Bubar, Joe Feb 18, 2019 3381
Cleared of killing girl... after 40 years; Man Cleared of killing girl... after 40 years. Feb 1, 2019 364
Calling all Moynihans. Moynihan, Lisa Editorial Feb 1, 2019 516
Longitudinal performance of mRNA-based HPV testing as compared to DNA-based testing. Iftner, Thomas Feb 1, 2019 1561
DNA debate. Wider, Janette Editorial Jan 1, 2019 567
Understanding farmer needs and unlocking local genetic resources for potato improvement: a case study in Ethiopia. Kolech, Semagn Asredie; De Jong, Walter; Halseth, Donald; Schulz, Steffen Case study Jan 1, 2019 8338
Objects, Places and Cyber-Spaces Post-Carpenter: Extending The Third-Party Doctrine Beyond CSLI: A Consideration of IoT and DNA. Park, Eunice Jan 1, 2019 20253
Sindh forensic lab. Dec 13, 2018 168
Police still trying to solve leg riddle. Dec 8, 2018 185
Gardai share DNA evidence with forces in crime battle. Dec 4, 2018 175
DNA is science working for us. Nov 3, 2018 108
Forensic errors that left rapist on the streets; 'monster' could have been caught by dna in 2009 - now cops explain what went wrong. Oct 24, 2018 558
DNA hopes in Cornish murder; UK BULLETINS. Oct 15, 2018 124
DNA hope in 20yr hunt for Linda's killer. Oct 15, 2018 129
Implementing recommendations on identifying human remains in BiH mortuaries. Oct 10, 2018 520
New DNA analysis tool can help forensic experts fight crime. Oct 7, 2018 294
Sindh government inks MoU with KU for strengthening of forensic DNA facility. Oct 2, 2018 350
Sindh Govt, ICCBS sign MoU to setup forensic DNA Lab. Oct 2, 2018 409
Sindh govt, ICCBS sign MoU to setup forensic DNA Lab. Oct 2, 2018 166
Sindh govt to fund ICCBS for advancement of DNA lab. Oct 1, 2018 391
Pattern Analysis of Short Tandem Repeats Allele Frequencies among the Population of Khuzestan Province, South of Iran. Hosseini, Seyed Farzad; Bijanzadeh, Mahdi; Modheji, Elham Report Oct 1, 2018 2728
Characterization of Vibrio vulnificus Isolated from the Coastal Areas in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Alsalem, Zainab; Elhadi, Nasreldin; Aljeldah, Mohammed; Alzahrani, Faisal; Nishibuchi, Mitsuaki Report Sep 1, 2018 5303
A Combined DNA and Dental X-Ray Based Biometrics System for Forensic Human Identification. Croock, Muayad Sadik; Khudhur, Saja Dheyaa Report Sep 1, 2018 5543
What police say. Jul 31, 2018 131
Orivet's New DNA Program to Guarantee Pedigree Accuracy. Jul 24, 2018 475
DNA Fingerprinting of Pearls, Corals and Ivory: A Brief Review of Applications in Gemmology. Cartier, Laurent E.; Krzemnicki, Michael S.; Lendvay, Bertalan; Meyer, Joana B. Report Jun 1, 2018 4403
DNA tests for Nessie. May 24, 2018 202
Eye, Hair and Skin Color Predicted from DNA. May 15, 2018 399
New tool can identify eye, hair and skin colour from a single DNA sample, and could revolutionise forensics; The tool, which was developed by researchers from Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam, can accurately predict eye, hair and skin colour from a small DNA sample. May 15, 2018 306
ICMP submits 13 new DNA match reports to BiH Missing Persons Institute. May 9, 2018 562
DNA match now sought for Zodiac Killer. May 4, 2018 292
Thermo Fisher Scientific buys IntegenX for undisclosed value. Mar 19, 2018 152
Thermo Fisher Scientific buys IntegenX for undisclosed value. Mar 19, 2018 148
GENETIC FORTUNE-TELLING: Large genetic studies are allowing scientists to predict common diseases and human traits. Regalado, Antonio Mar 1, 2018 364
The gathering storm. Feb 2, 2018 1354
Zainab case. Jan 29, 2018 299
Old enmities and DNA profiles. Jan 29, 2018 1004
The lady of the dunes. Kantrowitz, R. Marc Jan 25, 2018 1029
Blood on container matched DNA of dad found dead; TESTS SHOWED 'ASSAULT' COULD HAVE HAPPENED INSIDE. Jan 24, 2018 513
DNA helps police catch suspect in Zainab case. Jan 24, 2018 952
Uni joins in PS185,000 project to spruce up canal. Jan 20, 2018 224
Kasur tragedy (3). Jan 16, 2018 276
DNA evidence in Zainab case sent for analysis, SC told. Jan 12, 2018 683
Forensic DNA Evidence Interpretation, 2nd ed. Ferrara, Lyndsie N. Book review Jan 1, 2018 717
Body to be exhumed in DNA identification bid. Dec 6, 2017 453
MV Emerald Star: Sushma Swaraj ask Indian Ambassador in Manila for DNA identification. Nov 18, 2017 322
Cops hunt the killer of RAF girl 50yrs on; DNA breakthrough to ID murderer. Nov 10, 2017 240
IOK HR body wants DNA profiling of 2,080 unidentified bodies. Nov 4, 2017 337
Portable body fluid scanners ID suspects. Sep 1, 2017 331
DNA evidence frees the innocentl: but when we're not careful, this powerful technology can help imprison the wrongly accused. Norris, Robert J. Aug 1, 2017 3875
A Rogues' gallery of bad forensics labs. Ciaramella, C.J. Aug 1, 2017 725
Forensic individual age estimation with DNA: From initial approaches to methylation tests. Freire-Aradas, A.; Phillips, C.; Lareu, M.V. Report Jul 1, 2017 18328
'DNA links accused to girl's rape and murder'. Jul 1, 2017 413
Lost forensic files could have been 'anywhere in building' JANET COMMINS MURDER TRIAL LATEST SCIENTIST ON EVIDENCE THAT TURNED UP AFTER THREE YEARS. Jul 1, 2017 579
How DNA match led to arrest of murder accused. Jun 29, 2017 417
Forensic DNA grade consumables. Jun 1, 2017 110
Body find is confirmed as Disappeared victim Ruddy. May 11, 2017 166
DNA profile may be included on Egyptian national IDs: MP. Apr 30, 2017 194
A forensic dilemma. Legge, Michael Apr 1, 2017 353
Subway Chicken Isn't Just Chicken. Feb 28, 2017 373
IntegenX Launches RapidHIT ID Cartridge System to Allow laboratories to Generate Forensic DNA Profiles in 90 Minutes. Feb 15, 2017 200
Finding their roots: colleges and universities are using to connect students with their background and heritage. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Feb 9, 2017 1406
Forensic SNP genotyping with SNaPshot: technical considerations for the development and optimization of multiplexed SNP assays. Fondevila, M.; Borsting, C.; Phillips, C.; de la Puente, M.; Santos, C.; Carracedo, A.; Morling, N.; Report Jan 1, 2017 14106
Molecular Identification and Karyological Analysis of a Rampant Aspen Populus tremula L. Politov, Dmitry V.; Belokon, Yuri S.; Shatokhina, Anna V.; Belokon, Maryana M.; Khanov, Nail A.; Mud Report Jan 1, 2017 4114
Advanced DNA Office Launching now at Delhi. Nov 14, 2016 154
DNA testing to be applied on convicted felons - His Highness the Amir. Nov 9, 2016 249
DNA profiles offer hope in city pub bombs case; But families angry at discovery after years of campaigning. Oct 6, 2016 617
PUB BOMBS DNA breakthrough; New hope of finding killers of 21 innocents. Oct 2, 2016 315
Bulgaria, US Sign Agreement on DNA Profiles, Fingerprints Exchange. Sep 24, 2016 230
PNP confirms head recovered in Sulu is that of Robert Hall. Jun 21, 2016 509
DNA report nails gangrape convicts. Jun 11, 2016 502
DNA advance may help to solve 20-year-old murder. Jun 8, 2016 169
DNA advance may help to solve 20-year-old murder. Jun 8, 2016 147
DNA Art Gallery Launches New Pet Product Line. May 7, 2016 562
2016 Utah Innovation Awards: presented by Stoel Rives, LLP and Utah Technology Council. May 1, 2016 2593
DNA profiling keeps Rutherford one jump ahead. Apr 15, 2016 196
Find dirty dog owners with DNA. Apr 9, 2016 439
Use DNA to find dog foulers. Apr 9, 2016 436
A dip in the gene pool: what you can--and can't--learn about your DNA. Schardt, David Apr 1, 2016 2228
Lawrence police call for DNA samples; SUNDAY SHORTS. Jan 31, 2016 141
Aneuploidy screening: newer noninvasive test gains traction. Nickolich, Sarah; Farahi, Narges; Jones, Kohar; Mounsey, Anne Jan 1, 2016 2045
Conservative Berwick MP rebels over plans for UK to join EU crime database; Berwick MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan rejected plans for the UK to share DNA profiles of three million people with police forces across Europe. Dec 10, 2015 640
Europe's Fourth Ancestral Tribe? Nov 29, 2015 585
Portable, rapid DNA test can detect Ebola and other pathogens. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 253
How DNA catches dogs in the act. Brief article Oct 12, 2015 205
Stampede: DNA profiling of all dead and injured completed. Oct 2, 2015 381
DNA resolves Kennewick Man debate: ancient skeleton closely related to modern Native Americans. Bower, Bruce Jul 25, 2015 686
Ivory DNA tracks elephant poaching: two African regions ID'd as centers of illegal trafficking. Rosen, Meghan Report Jul 25, 2015 462
National Assembly approves bill on DNA profiling. Jul 1, 2015 176
Apple has plans for your DNA: the iPhone could become a new tool in genetic studies and a home for a new generation of apps related to health and well-being. Regalado, Antonio Jul 1, 2015 1253
Ancient DNA pushes back timing of the origin of dogs: ancestors of domesticated canines may have split from wolves as early as 40,000 years ago. Saey, Tina Hesman Report Jun 13, 2015 663
Allan Graham murder: Family blow as scientists fail to get DNA profile of schoolboy's killer; Hopes that pioneering forensic techniques could solve the 45-year-old mystery of who abducted and killed Alan Graham are dashed. May 28, 2015 653
Uni success on DNA code for identical twins. Apr 30, 2015 489
The gene genies; The first conviction won via DNA profiling is re-created in this thrilling crime drama CODE OF A KILLER Mon ITV 9pm. Apr 4, 2015 430
The gene genies; The first conviction won via DNA profiling is re-created in this thrilling crime drama. Apr 4, 2015 421
The gene genies; The first conviction won via DNA profiling is re-created in this thrilling crime drama CODE OF A KILLER Mon ITV 9pm. Apr 4, 2015 431
The gene genies; The first conviction won via DNA profiling is re-created in this thrilling crime drama. Apr 4, 2015 432
The gene genies; The first conviction won via DNA profiling is re-created in this thrilling crime drama. Apr 4, 2015 440
DNA profiles are badly misinterpreted. Apr 1, 2015 284
SAF survivor reveals why Marwans finger given to FBI. Mar 18, 2015 591
Abu Dhabi Police forensic department profiles old bone powder samples. Mar 1, 2015 370
FBI officially confirms SAF commandos killed Marwan. Feb 4, 2015 433
PS6million DNA funds helping to fight crime. Feb 3, 2015 131
Impact of smoothing on parameter estimation in quantitative DNA amplification experiments. Spiess, Andrej-Nikolai; Deutschmann, Claudia; Burdukiewicz, Michal; Himmelreich, Ralf; Klat, Kathari Report Feb 1, 2015 5157
'Missing Mexican students all dead' WORLD BULLETINS. Jan 29, 2015 143
Yorkshire CSI: The real life crime scene investigators. Jan 24, 2015 1024
Cops in DNA drive to find Midsomer village killer. Jan 19, 2015 228
How a Wiki is keeping direct-to-consumer genetics alive. Regalado, Antonio Jan 1, 2015 1184
Don't swab me, bro: rapid DNA technology makes it easier than ever to scan your genetic profile. That has the FBI and other agencies very excited. Bauer, Shane Jan 1, 2015 1246
DNA tests for every man in murder village. Jan 1, 2015 140
Herbal supplements often don't supplement. Jan 1, 2015 786
Triage of women with minor cervical lesions. Report Jan 1, 2015 360
Clinical and Genetic Investigation of a Multi-generational Chinese Family Afflicted with Von Hippel-Lindau Disease. Zhang, Jingyao; Ma, Jie; Du, Xiaoyun; Wu, Dapeng; Ai, Hong; Bai, Jigang; Dong, Shunbin; Yang, Qinlin Report Jan 1, 2015 3823
Scots lead DNA field. Dec 1, 2014 112
Career lets you play a role in real-life whodunnits; Careers in ... forensic science Sally Jones examines the evidence on how a career in forensic science can be a rewarding one. Nov 20, 2014 435
Advanced tech helped identify Ebola carrier. Nov 20, 2014 370
Career lets you play a role in real-life whodunnits; Careers in ... forensic science Sally Jones examines the evidence on how a career in forensic science can be a rewarding one. Nov 20, 2014 463
Murder cops in mass DNA test on men. Oct 25, 2014 143
Study says lapu-lapu 'threatened' species. Oct 21, 2014 456
Jack the Ripper: Not Jewish After All. Aciman, Alexander Oct 20, 2014 177
DNA evidence links suspect to killing. Aug 20, 2014 285
Ministry of Environment and Water profiles palm trees. Aug 3, 2014 274
DNA profiling to increase dates production. Aug 2, 2014 416
DNA profiling to be used to locate missing people. Jul 15, 2014 278
I LOVE the steady stream [...]. Jul 7, 2014 126
The Handy Biology Answer Book, second edition. Book review Jul 1, 2014 172
Hot GossipWhat's coming upon TV. May 31, 2014 205
Hot Gossip; What's coming up on TV. May 31, 2014 199
Hot GossipWhat's coming upon TV. May 31, 2014 205
Hot GossipWhat's coming upon TV. May 31, 2014 205
Hot GossipWhat's coming upon TV. May 31, 2014 205
ELVIS ALIVE; THE KING'S HAIR USED TO WRITE LAST SONG; Exclusive Legend's DNA makes music by computer. May 25, 2014 783
Story of DNA genius to be an ITV drama. May 17, 2014 138
Financial Adviser Rick Helbing Featured on the Cover of Scene Magazine. May 8, 2014 374
Forensics expert testifies in Taylor trial. May 3, 2014 519
Wyndham Forensic Group Delivers DNA Seminar: From the Crime Scene to the Court Room. Apr 10, 2014 273
IntegenX Announces Approval to Upload DNA Profiles From the RapidHIT(TM) System to the National Database. Mar 18, 2014 493
IntegenX Launches New GlobalFiler(R) Express Cartridges for RapidHIT(TM) System at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) Meeting. Feb 19, 2014 576
Suspect's DNA found in murder victim's room. Murray, Gary V. Feb 4, 2014 885
DNA shows baby was slay victim's. Murray, Gary V. Jan 29, 2014 907
Wyndham Forensic Group to Lead Professional Development Seminar for Police in Atlantic Canada. Jan 19, 2014 260
WaferGen Bio-systems buys IntegenX's NGS library preparation business. Jan 8, 2014 296
Integration of noninvasive DNA testing for aneuploidy into prenatal care: what has happened since the rubber met the road? Bianchi, Diana W.; Wilkins-Haug, Louise Report Jan 1, 2014 8306
7 High court rules against gene patents: justices open way for choices in DNA testing. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article Dec 28, 2013 233
20 Slain king's bones dug up: Richard III's skeleton reveals fatal wounds. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article Dec 28, 2013 296
SEX BEAST CAUGHT BY HIS DNA; Print on coat 9 years after attack. Dec 20, 2013 237
DNA files of 1.7m innocents deleted. Oct 25, 2013 181
Zero Cliff Media Launches Production Company with a New Take on Gritty Forensic Drama. Oct 17, 2013 380
DNA database is an essential tool. Oct 7, 2013 806
Does the royal baby deserve genetic privacy? Revelations about the British princeling's ancestry should remind us that DNA testing is no big deal. Bailey, Ronald Oct 1, 2013 1189
Scientists discover new bass species. Oct 1, 2013 270
Mass kidnap, killing shakes image of Mexico City. Aug 25, 2013 1499
Five bodies recovered from sub. Aug 17, 2013 444
Charred bodies of three Indian sailors salvaged from sunken submarine. Aug 16, 2013 276
DNA's female Ripper theory. Jul 21, 2013 272
Pupils run DNA profiles at CSI-style workshops. Jul 18, 2013 164
Court to decide on exhumation of Rajouri fake encounter victim. Jul 11, 2013 247
Pupils given the chance to try out 'crime scene' technology. Jul 4, 2013 252
Polynesian chickens in the New World: a detailed application of a commensal approach. Storey, Alice A.; Quiroz, Daniel; Beavan, Nancy; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth Abstract Jul 1, 2013 14226
New Forensic DNA Website Launched. Website overview Jun 30, 2013 327
Do you know where your DNA is? The need for DNA theft legislation in Ohio. Collins, Elizabeth Jun 22, 2013 13454
Anglers collect. Slimak, Nadine Jun 22, 2013 417
A preliminary report on DNA barcoding and phylogenetic relationships of certain public health important mosquito species recorded in rural areas of south India. Paramasivan, R.; Dhananjeyan, K.J.; Pandian, R. Selvaraj Report Jun 1, 2013 1316
Factory collapse death toll tops 800. May 9, 2013 317
DNA matched victim's profile; Stained jeans taken from slaying suspect's home. Mar 19, 2013 659
DNA 'link' to Shivers claimed; COURT 1. Mar 14, 2013 181
Impact of genomics on cattle breeding; DNA profiling has revolutionised dairy cattle breeding and the next 12 months are crucial to the direction of the industry. The first genomic AI progeny test results are coming online and will beg the question as to whether farmers will consider using more genomic young sires rather than older proven bulls. BRUCE JOBSON investigates. Mar 9, 2013 1176
COPS SWAB 6,000 KIDS FOR DNA; Samples from children as young as 10. Feb 7, 2013 413

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