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DNA 30.

DNA 30, the Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses (CSAPN), meets the first Wednesday of each month for a combined business/ update/educational dinner meeting The location and topic are usually posted by the 10th of the prior month on our website ( or via link at the CNA website (www, nurses-co. org). Our membership is open to all advanced practice nurses including NP's, CNA's, CRNA's and CNM's RN's enrolled in an Advanced Practice Educational Program are welcome to attend our monthly meetings.

Contact us at our website: csapn.enpnetwork. com; via link at the CNA website www. nurses-co. org; and, on Facebook (search for Colorado Society of Advanced Practice NursesDNA30)

The 2012 Fundraiser for Metro CareRing raised $750 00 for this worthy organization This was our third year to participate in their holiday gift card project (Thank you to all those who contributed!)

DNA 30 is investigating a variety of options for service projects to increase our community visibility Our first Adopt-A-Highway project will be scheduled in early 2013 We will be responsible for clean-up of our assigned area each quarter of the year See our website for details Volunteers are welcome and needed! The DNA 30 Community Involvement Committee will be chaired by Cate McGraw, DNA 30 Treasurer.

DNA 30 continues to support the Nurses Defense Fund at CNA. At the December meeting, it was decided that the monies donated by meeting attendees for the first half of 2013 would be designated for this fund.

Membership! CNA membership focus is not only on recruitment of new members but also on retention of existing members There are many APN's in Colorado who do not belong to CNA Current members are encouraged to discuss the importance of membership in our professional organization with non-member APN colleagues and friends.

St Patrick's Day is coming soon! This will be the second consecutive year for a CNA entry (it's a bus!) in the March 16, 2013 St Patrick's Day Parade! Interested??? Meet at Coor's Field between 8 and 9 am, look for the bus Parade starts at 10 am For more information, see our website!

Submitted by Eve Hoygaard, MS,RN, WHNP, Secretary, DNA-30
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Title Annotation:District & Committee Reports
Author:Hoygaard, Eve
Publication:Colorado Nurse
Date:Feb 1, 2013
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