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DNA 30 report Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses.

The Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses (CSAPN) has been very busy this past year. We have been actively involved in efforts to improve access to health care and are very proud to say we succeeded this year in having three bills passed and signed by Governor Ritter in March, 2008. Some of the statutes will not formally take effect until January, 2009 and July, 2009.

HB 1060, Insurance Empanelment for APNs will take effect January, 1, 2009. This bill is to ensure that APNs are considered for network membership by insurance carriers and are notified with a specific reason if they are denied. It also allows APNs to be listed in the carriers network.

HB 1061, Signature Recognition on Forms within the APN Scope of Practice goes into effect January 1, 2009 and Involuntary Commitments for Drug and Alcohol go into effect July 1, 2009. This bill allows APNs who treat the patient to also take care of the paperwork, removing barriers for the clinician providing direct services.

HB 1094, Updating Medicaid Statute to encompass all APNs will take effect July 1, 2009. This bill authorizes direct payment to all APNs. There may however be limitations to this program secondary to federal rules and regulations. Copies of the complete laws can be obtained through the Colorado General Assembly webpage at

We encourage all APNs to be in touch with their legislators and continue in the efforts to educate legislators and the public about the unique role of APNs and the value we provide in access to care.

The sunrise review of the Colorado Nurse Practice Act is scheduled for January, 2009. DNA 30 members have been busy at the table, working collectively with other organizations to be fully informed and aware of the issues that ultimately could affect one's practice. The recommendations for the Sunset of the Nurse Practice Act were completed and submitted to the Sunset analyst, Ellen Graham, on June 10th, 2008.

On the evening of May 7, 2008 the APN DVD Premier took place at Neighborhood Flix Cinema and Cafe. A great party was had by all who attended this amazing event. On behalf of the Colorado Nurses Association, filmmakers, Sue Hagedorn and Victoria Erickson were awarded recognition trophies for their film the APN DVD: Caring for Colorado.

In July, 2008, DNA 30 members volunteered their time at the National Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Conference in Keystone, Colorado to promote advanced practice nursing. The Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses includes Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Certified Nurse Midwives, and Certified Registered Nurse anesthetists. Our meetings are held monthly, the first Wednesday of the month except for the month of July. Please check our website at for more information and our exciting programs.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Pat DeWald RN, MSN, MPA, APN

DNA 30 Secretary
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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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