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DNA 20 report.

Despite the Colorado Nurses Association Convention in October not having enough delegates present to call its House of Delegates to order, DNA 20 did have its 14 delegates present. In part, due to DNA 20 consistently sending its full complement of delegates to convention, DNA 20 was selected as the CNA 2011 District of the Year. Congratulations also to Norma Tubman who was the DNA 20 Nurse of the Year.

In November, DNA 20 held a meeting at Front Range Community College, which was attended by 45 students and faculty. DNA 20 member Kiska May gave a presentation on "Professional Engagement or Citizenship," which addressed the benefits of nurses being involved in their professional association. Three Legislative Connection Dinner tickets donated by DNA 20 and various CNA items were given as door prizes. At its Holiday Potluck and meeting, held at Norma Tubman's house in December, Paula Stearns, DNA 20 member and Board Secretary for the Action Center and Jule Hahn RN, Health Navigator, Action Center, gave an informative presentation on the mission and activities of the center. Members donated items for the Action Center Grub Club, a new program that provides homeless/emancipated youth in six Jefferson County Schools with a food box every other week throughout the school year. The program encourages homeless youth to connect with a school social worker or counselor while allowing the youth to feel proud and safe as they work towards independent living. At the time this article was written, 46 youth were in the program. DNA 20 members also were honored to have the Colorado Nurses Association President, Mary Ciambelli attend the December meeting and provide the 11 members in attendance with an update on CNA future goals with its reorganization and its budget. At its January meeting, DNA 20 heard about another program serving youth, The Second Wind Fund of Metro Denver. Nancy Morgan, Program Director, shared information on identifying suicide risk factors and warning signs and what to do if you believe someone may be at risk for suicide. The program has served over 2,500 youth referred since 2002.

DNA 20, through collaboration with the Colorado Nurses Foundation, awarded a $1,000 scholarship to Denise Lechtenberger, a senior at University of Colorado Denver College of Nursing. Denise, a West Denver resident who is employed as a Healthcare Technician at Denver Health Medical Center, plans to work in an acute care setting on graduation and to eventually become a Nurse Practitioner.

Congratulations to DNA 20 members Keara Biller, Cynthia Farkas, Corinne Koehler and Elly Yost. At the fall Public Health in the Rockies Conference, Keara received the Emerging Leader in Public Health award, while Cynthia received the Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to public health. Both were awarded by the Colorado Public Health Association. Corinne received the University of Colorado College of Nursing Alumni Association's Lifetime Achievement award at its fall reunion. In November, Elly, director of Nursing Practice at Nurse-Family Partnership, spoke about nursing leadership on a panel at the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform at the Brookings Institution. She also had an op-ed appear in the Denver-based Health Policy Solutions in December about nurses leading a program to change delivery of health care.

Please support the Flowers 4 the Float. Kiska May has volunteered her services to help build the nurses float for the 2013 Rose Bowl Parade which will have a nurse as the Grand Marshall. Donations can be made to For information on DNA meetings and activities, contact President Allison Windes at Acoons2@

Submitted by Norma Tubman, RN, MScN, NE-BC
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Title Annotation:District & Committee Reports
Author:Tubman, Norma
Publication:Colorado Nurse
Date:Feb 1, 2012
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