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DNA 16.

District 16 started the fall with our annual potluck in August. This year, the event was hosted by Carol Brautigam. Initial planning for the year and a great time to catch up on what the summer brought those in attendance. In addition to the September membership assembly, several members participated in a suicide prevention and awareness walk at Coors Field. Next up, is the Oct general business meeting and planning for the annual holiday party. This will be hosted by Carol as well. The date selected is Dec 13th. This is a potluck built around a turkey dinner. Another highlight of this dinner is the collection of donations for homeless families. We gather clothing and toys for children and women.

2017 will be the Annual Legislative Dinner at the Scottish Rite on Feb 21, 2017. Finally, Nurses week 2017 gives up two teams to choose from for the Nurses Night at the Rockies. Both the Cubs and the Dodgers will be in town that week. Of course, we want the Rockies to win but watch for information on the date and the team for a great nursing event.

Thanks, Nan Morgan District 16

Nan Morgan, President

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Title Annotation:District & Special Interest Group Reports
Author:Morgan, Nan
Publication:Colorado Nurse
Date:Nov 1, 2016
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