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Articles from DMTCS Proceedings (July 1, 2015)

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Title Author Type Words
A relation on 132-avoiding permutation patterns. Aisbett, Natalie Report 8419
Classical automata on promise problems. Geffert, Viliam; Yakaryilmaz, Abuzer Report 14981
Cubical coloring--fractional covering by cuts and semidefinite programming. Samal, Robert Report 8240
Disimplicial arcs, transitive vertices, and disimplicial eliminations. Eguia, Martiniano; Soulignac, Francisco J. Report 12430
Improving vertex cover as a graph parameter. Ganian, Robert Report 13020
Minimum number of colors: the Turk's Head Knots case study. Lopes, Pedro; Matias, Joao Report 10363
On avoidance of patterns of the form [sigma]-[tau] by words over a finite alphabet. Toufik, Mansour; Mark, Shattuck Report 12155
On the dynamics of systems of urns. Cichon, Jacek; Kapelko, Rafal; Klonowski, Marek Report 6431
Packing plane perfect matchings into a point set. Biniaz, Ahmad; Bose, Prosenjit; Maheshwari, Anil; Smid, Michiel Report 13787
Reducing the rank of a matroid. Joret, Gwenael; Vetta, Adrian Report 8086
Some undecidable problems about the trace-subshift associated with a Turing machine. Gajardo, Anahi; Ollinger, Nicolas; Torres-Aviles, Rodrigo Report 8050
The complexity of [P.sub.4]-decomposition of regular graphs and multigraphs. Diwan, Ajit A.; Dion, Justine E.; Mendell, David J.; Plantholt, Michael J.; Tipnis, Shailesh K. Report 7562
The double competition multigraph of a digraph. Park, Jeongmi; Sano, Yoshio Report 4751
The game chromatic number of trees and forests. Dunn, Charles; Larsen, Victor; Lindke, Kira Retter, Troy; Toci, Dustin Report 9248

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