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Articles from DMTCS Proceedings (January 1, 2014)

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0-Hecke algebra action on the Stanley-Reisner ring of the Boolean algebra. Huang, Jia Report 6901
A bijection between irreducible k-shapes and surjective pistols of height k - 1. Bigeni, Ange Report 7311
A Chevalley-Monk and Giambelli's formula for Peterson varieties of all Lie types. Drellich, Elizabeth Report 4729
A classification of the face numbers of Buchsbaum simplicial posets. Browder, Jonathan; Klee, Steven Report 6443
A diagrammatic approach to Kronecker squares (extended abstract). Vallejo, Ernesto Report 7057
A factorization formula in Z[[[chi]]]. Birmajer, Daniel; Gil, Juan B.; Weiner, Michael D. Report 3251
A generalization of the carries process. Fujita, Takahiko; Nakano, Fumihiko; Sadahiro, Taizo Report 3732
A Murgnahan-Nakayama rule for Schubert polynomials. Morrison, Andrew Report 5131
A new generation tree for permutations, preserving the number of fixed points. Duchon, Philippe; Duvignau, Romaric Report 6427
A product formula for the TASEP on a ring --extended abstract. Aas, Erik; Sjostrand, Jonas Report 5136
A simple recurrence formula for the number of rooted maps on surfaces by edges and genus. Carrell, Sean; Chapuy, Guillaume Report 5905
Affine permutations and rational slope parking functions. Gorsky, Eugene; Mazin, Mikhail; Vazirani, Monica Report 6416
An equivariant rim hook rule for quantum cohomology of Grassmannians. Beazley, Elizabeth; Bertiger, Anna; Taipale, Kaisa Report 5577
An extension of MacMahon's equidistribution theorem to ordered multiset partitions. Wilson, Andrew Timothy Report 5336
Arrangements of equal minors in the positive Grassmannian. Farber, Miriam; Postnikov, Alexander Report 5866
Bigraphical arrangements. Hopkins, Sam; Perkinson, David Report 4652
Bijactions in Cataland. Williams, Nathan Report 6018
Bijections on m-level rook placements. Barrese, Kenneth; Sagan, Bruce E. Report 7825
Bijective proofs of partition identities of MacMahon, Andrews, and Subbarao. Fu, Shishuo; Sellers, James A. Report 2958
Bott-Samelson varieties, subword complexes and brick polytopes. Escobar, Laura Report 4351
Centralizers of the infinite symmetric group. Daugherty, Zajj; Herbrich, Peter Report 6123
Chromatic polynomials and rings in species. White, Jacob A. Report 6528
Combinatorial realization of the Hopf algebra of sashes. Law, Shirley Report 6461
Combinatorics of diagrams of permutations. Lewis, Joel Brewster; Morales, Alejandro H. Report 6508
Deformations of Weyl's denominator formula: six conjectures and one result. Hamel, Angele M.; King, Ronald C. Report 5337
Descents of [lambda]-unimodal cyclic permutations. Archer, Kassie Report 7168
Electrical networks, electrical lie algebras and lie groups of finite Dynkin type. Su, Yi Report 5132
Estimating deep Littlewood-Richardson coefficients. Narayanan, Hariharan Report 4942
Expanding Hall-Littlewood and related polynomials as sums over Yamanouchi words. Roberts, Austin Report 5687
Factorization of the characteristic polynomial of a lattice using quotient posets. Hallam, Joshua; Sagan, Bruce E. Report 6099
Finiteness conditions for graph algebras over tropical semirings. Labai, Nadia; Makowsky, Johann A. Report 5958
Firing patterns in the parallel chip-firing game. Scully, Ziv; Jiang, Tian-Yi; Zhang, Yan X. Report 5565
Flag Gromov-Witten invariants via crystals. Morse, Jennifer; Schilling, Anne Report 8175
Gallery posets of supersolvable arrangements. McConville, Thomas Report 5877
Generalized Dyck tilings (extended abstract). Josuat-Verges, Matthieu; Kim, Jang Soo Report 5019
Graph orientations and linear extensions. Iriarte, Benjamin Report 7243
Honeycombs from Hermitian matrix pairs, with interpretations of path operators and S [L.sub.n] crystals. Appleby, Glenn; Whitehead, Tamsen Report 4306
Hopf algebra of permutation pattern functions (extended abstract). Vargas, Yannic Report 4964
How to count genus one partitions. Cori, Robert; Hetyei, Gabor Report 5409
Interval positroid varieties and a deformation of the ring of symmetric functions. Knutson, Allen; Lederer, Mathias Report 4867
Kronecker coefficients: the tensor square conjecture and unimodality. Pak, Igor; Panova, Greta; Vallejo, Ernesto Report 5570
l-restricted Q-systems and quantum affine algebras. Gleitz, Anne-Sophie Report 3283
Lorentzian Coxeter groups and Boyd-Maxwell ball packings. Chen, Hao; Labbe, Jean-Philippe Report 3163
Many neighborly inscribed polytopes and Delaunay triangulations. Gonska, Bernd; Padrol, Arnau Report 3790
Newton polytopes of cluster variables of type [A.sup.n]. Kalman, Adam Report 5105
Noncrossing sets and a Grassmann associahedron. Santos, Francisco; Stump, Christian; Welker, Volkmar Report 7834
Number of cycles in the graph of 312-avoiding permutations. Ehrenborg, Richard; Kitaev, Sergey; Steingrimsson, Einar Report 7373
On Bruhat posets associated to compositions. Can, Mahir Bilen; Cherniavsky, Yonah Report 5703
On the H-triangle of generalised nonnesting partitions. Thiel, Marko Report 2559
On the partial categorification of some Hopf algebras using the representation theory of towers of J-trivial monoids and semilattices. Virmaux, Aladin Report 5787
On the rearrangement conjecture for generalized factor order over P. Pantone, Jay; Vatter, Vincent Report 7003
Peak algebras, paths in the Bruhat graph and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials. Brenti, Francesco; Caselli, Fabrizio Report 6269
Permutations sortable by two stacks in parallel and quarter plane walks. Albert, Michael; Bousquet-Melou, Mireille Report 5322
Piecewise-linear and birational toggling. Einstein, David; Propp, James Report 7691
Poset topology and homological invariants of algebras arising in algebraic combinatorics. Margolis, Stuart; Saliola, Franco; Steinberg, Benjamin Report 6514
Positroids, non-crossing partitions, and positively oriented matroids. Ardila, Federico; Rincon, Felipe; Williams, Lauren Report 5462
Quasisymmetric (k, l)-hook Schur functions. Mason, Sarah K.; Niese, Elizabeth Report 5539
Quasisymmetric Schur functions and modules of the 0-Hecke algebra. Tewari, Vasu V.; van Willigenburg, Stephanie J. Report 5525
Rationally smooth Schubert varieties, inversion hyperplane arrangements, and Peterson translation. Slofstra, William Report 7704
Reflection factorizations of Singer cycles. Lewis, J.B.; Reiner, V.; Stanton, D. Report 5845
Selberg integrals and Catalan-Pfaffian Hankel determinants. Ishikawa, Masao; Zeng, Jiang Report 3605
Signed tree associahedra. Pilaud, Vincent Report 5757
Some combinatorics of rhomboid-shaped fully packed loop configurations. Beil, Sabine Report 5243
Splines, lattice points, and (arithmetic) matroids. Lenz, Matthias Report 6851
Stabilized-interval-free permutations and chord-connected permutations. Blitvic, Natasha Report 5875
Super quasi-symmetric functions via young diagrams. Aval, Jean-Christophe; Feray, Valentin; Novelli, Jean-Christophe; Thibon, Jean-Yves Report 5952
Supercharacters of unipotent groups defined by involutions (extended abstract). Andrews, Scott Report 5572
Sweep maps for lattice paths (extended abstract). Loehr, Nicholas A.; Warrington, Gregory S. Report 5937
Symmetry properties of the Novelli-Pak-Stoyanovskii algorithm. Sulzgruber, Robin Report 6151
The arithmetic Tutte polynomials of the classical root systems. Ardila, Federico; Castillo, Federico; Henley, Michael Report 4718
The freeness of ideal subarrangements of Weyl arrangements. Abe, Takuro; Barakat, Mohamed; Cuntz, Michael; Hoge, Torsten; Terao, Hiroaki Report 4679
The lower bound theorem for polytopes that approximate [C.sup.1]-convex bodies. Adiprasito, Karim; Samper, Jose Alejandro Report 5916
The m-cover posets and the strip-decomposition of m-Dyck paths (extended abstract). Kallipoliti, Myrto; Muhle, Henri Report 4830
The order of birational rowmotion. Grinberg, Darij; Roby, Tom Report 6315
The purity of set-systems related to Grassmann necklaces. Danilov, Vladimir I.; Karzano, Alexander V.; Koshevoy, Gleb A. Report 6950
The Selberg integral and young books (extended abstract). Kim, Jang Soo; Oh, Suho Report 4951
The topology of the permutation pattern poset. McNamara, Peter R.W.; Steingrimsson, Einar Report 6348
Two bijections on Tamari Intervals. Chapoton, Frederic; Chatel, Gregory; Pons, Viviane Report 5284
Two special cases of the rational shuffle conjecture. Leven, Emily Report 5095
Weakly prudent self-avoiding bridges. Bacher, Axel; Beaton, Nicholas R. Report 5145
Yamanouchi toppling--extended abstract. Cori, Robert; Petrullo, Pasquale; Senato, Domenico Report 6864

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