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Articles from DMTCS Proceedings (January 1, 2013)

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A combinatorial method to find sharp lower bounds on flip distances. Pournin, Lionel Report 5962
A direct bijection between permutations and a subclass of totally symmetric self-complementary plane partitions. Striker, Jessica Report 3720
A divided difference operator for the highest root Hessenberg variety. Teff, Nicholas Report 6470
A generalization of Mehta-Wang determinant and Askey-Wilson polynomials. Guo, Victor J.W.; Ishikawa, Masao; Tagawa, Hiroyuki; Zeng, Jiang Report 3852
A generalization of the quadrangulation relation to constellations and hypermaps. Fang, Wenjie Report 5319
A Hopf-power Markov chain on compositions. Pang, C.Y. Amy Report 5929
A lattice of combinatorial Hopf algebras: binary trees with multiplicities. Priez, Jean-Baptiste Report 5760
A Murnaghan-Nakayama rule for generalized demazure atoms. LoBue, Janine; Remmel, Jeffrey B. Report 8375
A parking function setting for nabla images of Schur functions. Kim, Yeonkyung Report 3610
A q, t-analogue of Narayana numbers. Aval, Jean-Christophe; D'Adderio, Michele; Dukes, Mark; Hicks, Angela; Le Borgne, Yvan Report 4114
A t-generalization for Schubert representatives of the affine Grassmannian. Dalal, Avinash J.; Morse, Jennifer Report 5912
A uniform model for Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals. Lenart, Cristian; Naito, Satoshi; Sagaki, Daisuke; Schilling, Anne; Shimozono, Mark Report 6667
Adinkras for mathematicians. Zhang, Yan X. Report 5413
Algebraic properties for some permutation statistics. Vong, Vincent Report 6330
Antipode and convolution powers of the identity in graded connected Hopf algebras. Aguiar, Marcelo; Lauve, Aaron Report 5194
Asymptotic properties of some minor-closed classes of graphs. Bousquet-Melou, Mireille; Weller, Kerstin Report 5809
Asymptotics of symmetric polynomials with applications to statistical mechanics and representation theory. Gorin, Vadim; Panova, Greta Report 5281
Coefficients of algebraic functions: formulae and asymptotics. Banderier, Cyril; Drmota, Michael Report 6145
Combinatorial topology of toric arrangements. d'Antonio, Giacomo; Delucchi, Emanuele Report 6712
Combinatorics of non-ambiguous trees. Aval, Jean-Christophe; Bouvel, Mathilde; Boussicault, Adrien; Silimbani, Matteo Report 5225
Counting smaller trees in the Tamari order. Chatel, Gregory; Pons, Viviane Report 5269
Counting strings over [Z2.sup.d] with given elementary symmetric function evaluations. Miers, Charles Robert; Ruskey, Frank Report 5850
Counting words with Laguerre polynomials. Taylor, Jair Report 6173
Crossings and nestings for arc-coloured permutations. Yen, Lily Report 5047
Cuts and flows of cell complexes. Duval, Art M.; Klivans, Caroline J.; Martin, Jeremy L. Report 6281
Cycles and sorting index for matchings and restricted permutations. Poznanovic, Svetlana Report 5888
Cyclic sieving of increasing tableaux and small Schroder paths. Pechenik, Oliver Report 5121
Denominator vectorsr and compatibility degrees in cluster algebras of finite type. Ceballos, Cesar; Pilaud, Vincent Report 6371
Descent sets for oscillating tableaux. Rubey, Martin; Sagan, Bruce E.; Westbury, Bruce W. Report 5701
Diagrams of affine permutations, balanced labellings, and affine Stanley symmetric functions (extended abstract). Yoo, Hwanchul; Yun, Taedong Report 5465
Divisors on graphs, connected flags, and syzygies. Mohammadi, Fatemeh; Shokrieh, Farbod Report 6356
Double-dimers, the Ising model and the hexahedron recurrence. Kenyon, Richard; Pemantle, Robin Report 5811
Dual equivalence graphs revisited with applications to LLT and Macdonald polynomials. Roberts, Austin Report 5450
Ehrhart [h.sup.*]-vectors of hypersimplices. Li, Nan Report 5493
EL-labelings and canonical spanning trees for subword complexes. Pilaud, Vincent; Stump, Christian Report 6598
Euler flag enumeration of Whitney stratified spaces. Ehrenborg, Richard; Goresky, Mark; Readdy, Margaret Report 5899
Evaluations of Hecke algebra traces at Kazhdan-Lusztig basis elements. Clearman, Sam; Hyatt, Matthew; Shelton, Brittany; Skandera, Mark Report 6794
Extending the parking space. Berget, Andrew; Rhoades, Brendon Report 7067
Fully commutative elements and lattice walks. Biagioli, Riccardo; Jouhet, Frederic; Nadeau, Philippe Report 7244
Gale-Robinson sequences and Brane Tilings. Jeong, In-Jee; Musiker, Gregg; Zhang, Sicong Report 6520
Gelfand models for diagram algebras: extended abstract. Halverson, Tom Report 5163
Generalized monotone triangles: an extended combinatorial reciprocity theorem. Riegler, Lukas Report 6089
Generating tuples of integers modulo the action of a permutation group and applications. Borie, Nicolas Report 4485
Gog, Magog and Schutzenberger II: left trapezoids. Biane, Philippe; Cheballah, Hayat Report 4282
Homomesy in products of two chains. Propp, James; Roby, Tom Report 5617
Interpolation, box splines, and lattice points in zonotopes. Lenz, Matthias Report 4175
Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials of boolean elements. Mongelli, Pietro Report 4219
Long cycle factorizations: bijective computation in the general case. Vassilieva, Ekaterina A. Report 5217
Matroids over a ring. Fink, Alex; Moci, Luca Report 6408
Moments of Askey-Wilson polynomials. Kim, Jang Soo; Stanton, Dennis Report 4821
Moving robots efficiently using the combinatorics of CAT(0) cubical complexes. Ardila, Federico; Baker, Tia; Yatchak, Rika Report 5347
Network parameterizations for the Grassmannian. Talaska, Kelli; Williams, Lauren Report 5942
On a classification of smooth Fano polytopes. Assarf, Benjamin; Joswig, Michael; Paffenholz, Andreas Report 6944
On Kerov polynomials for Jack characters. Dolega, Maciej; Feray, Valentin Report 5523
On orbits of order ideals of minuscule posets. Rush, David B.; Shi, XiaoLin Report 6543
On r-stacked triangulated manifolds. Murai, Satoshi; Nevo, Eran Report 6612
On some generalized q-Eulerian polynomials. Lin, Zhicong Report 5683
On the poset of weighted partitions. D'Leon, Rafael S. Gonzalez; Wachs, Michelle L. Report 5548
On the ranks of configurations on the complete graph. Cori, Robert; Le Borgne, Yvan Report 6250
On the spectra of simplicial rook graphs. Martin, Jeremy L.; Wagner, Jennifer D. Report 5477
On the topology of the Cambrian semilattices (extended abstract). Kallipoliti, Myrto; Muhle, Henri Report 7579
Operators of equivalent sorting power and related Wilf-equivalences. Albert, Michael; Bouvel, Mathilde Report 6347
Pattern-avoiding Dyck paths. Bernini, Antonio; Ferrari, Luca; Pinzani, Renzo; West, Julian Report 4699
Patterns in matchings and rook placements. Bloom, Jonathan; Elizalde, Sergi Report 7445
Periodic patterns of signed shifts. Archer, Kassie; Elizalde, Sergi Report 8627
Permutation patterns, Stanley symmetric functions, and the Edelman-Greene correspondence. Billey, Sara; Pawlowski, Brendan Report 6186
Poset vectors and generalized permutohedra (extended abstract). Croitoru, Dorian; Oh, Suho; Postnikov, Alexander Report 5572
PreLie-decorated hypertrees. Oger, Berenice Report 4373
Q-rook placements and Jordan forms of upper-triangular nilpotent matrices. Yip, Martha Report 5139
Rainbow supercharacters and a poset analogue to q-binomial coefficients. Bragg, Daniel; Thiem, Nathaniel Report 3830
Rational Catalan combinatorics: the associahedron. Armstrong, Drew; Rhoades, Brendon; Williams, Nathan Report 5550
Relating Edelman-Greene insertion to the Little map. Hamaker, Zachary; Young, Benjamin Report 5359
Renormalization group-like proof of the universality of the Tutte polynomial for matroids. Duchamp, G.; Hoang-Nghia, N.; Krajewski, T.; Tanasa, A. Report 4784
Results and conjectures on the number of standard strong marked tableaux. Fishel, Susanna; Konvalinka, Matjaz Report 5427
Root-theoretic young diagrams, Schubert calculus and adjoint varieties. Searles, Dominic; Yong, Alexander Report 4374
Schubert polynomials and k-Schur functions (extended abstract). Benedetti, Carolina; Bergeron, Nantel Report 7484
Semi-skyline augmented fillings and non-symmetric Cauchy kernels for stair-type shapes. Azenhas, Olga; Emami, Aram Report 7570
Singularity analysis via the iterated kernel method. Melczer, Stephen; Mishna, Marni Report 6288
Some simple varieties of trees arising in permutation analysis. Bouvel, Mathilde; Mishna, Marni; Nicaud, Cyril Report 6247
Spanning forests in regular planar maps. Bousquet-Melou, Mireille; Courtiel, Julien Report 6139
Structure and enumeration of (3 + i)-free posets (extended abstract). Guay-Paquet, Mathieu; Morales, Alejandro H.; Rowland, Eric Report 5992
Structure coefficients of the Hecke algebra of ([S.sub.2n], [B.sub.n]). Tout, Omar Report 4639
The critical surface fugacity for self-avoiding walks on a rotated honeycomb lattice. Beaton, Nicholas R. Report 4727
The Eulerian polynomials of type D have only real roots. Savage, Carla D.; Visontai, Mirko Report 6353
The explicit molecular expansion of the combinatorial logarithm. Labelle, Gilbert Report 5234
The Gaussian free field and strict plane partitions. Vuletic, Mirjana Report 3672
The height of the Lyndon tree. Mercier, Lucas; Chassaing, Philippe Report 6338
The immaculate basis of the non-commutative symmetric functions (extended abstract). Berg, Chris; Bergeron, Nantel; Saliola, Franco; Serrano, Luis; Zabrocki, Mike Report 5138
The module of affine descent classes of a Weyl group. Aguiar, M.; Petersen, T. Kyle Report 6113
The number of k-parallelogram polyominoes. Battaglino, Daniela; Fedou, Jean Marc; Rinaldi, Simone; Socci, Samanta Report 5264
The partition algebra and the Kronecker product (extended abstract). Bowman, C.; De Visscher, M.; Orellana, R. Report 5688
The probability of planarity of a random graph near the critical point. Noy, Marc; Ravelomanana, Vlady; Rue, Juanjo Report 4772
The Robinson-Schensted correspondence and [A.sub.2]-webs. Housley, Matthew; Russell, Heather M.; Tymoczko, Julianna Report 5391
The unreasonable ubiquitousness of quasi-polynomials. Woods, Kevin Report 5441
Top degree coefficients of the denumerant. Baldoni, V.; Berline, N.; De Loera, J.A.; Dutra, B.E.; Koppe, M.; Vergne, M. Report 6452
Transition matrices for symmetric and quasisymmetric Hall-Littlewood polynomials (extended abstract). Loehr, Nicholas; Serrano, Luis; Warrington, Gregory Report 6819
Type A molecules are Kazhdan-Lusztig. Chmutov, Michael Report 4341
Word symmetric functions and the Redfield-Polya theorem. Bultel, Jean-Paul; Chouria, Ali; Luque, Jean-Gabriel; Mallet, Olivier Report 7101

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