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DM4-S: the future of transportation and logistics support: as transportation and logistics capabilities evolve and adapt, support to the Warfighter is always SDDC's primary mission.

When faced with the ultimate transportation and logistics challenges within a Joint and Combined Theater of Operation, DM4-S is the answer!

The Director of Mobility Forces Surface (DM4-S)/Surface Mobility Division (SMD) provides a seamless transition of cargo from the ports through the theater and ensures a well supported transition into the tactical environment.

Armed with a talented crew of transportation planners, terminal and operations specialists, and road and rail logisticians, a synergized group of transporters from various SDDC organizations assembled in Korea to meet the ultimate test of transportation, support and sustainment to our troops during the annual Command Post Exercise, Ulchi Focus Lens (UFL).

Ulchi Focus Lens is a Republic of Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command and Joint exercise designed to evaluate and improve procedures for war plans in defense of the Republic of Korea. UFL is a dynamic command and control exercise which provides an opportunity for commanders and staffs to focus on strategic and operational issues associated with military operations on the Korean peninsula.

Under the direction of Army Brig. Gen. Roger Shields, commander of the 184th Transportation Control Element, and Army Col. Kathi Kreklow, 599th Transportation Group commander, the DM4-S conducted mobility planning and operational activities to coordinate and synchronize the movement of U.S. surface transportation capabilities ensuring the uninterrupted throughput of forces and materiel from theater Aerial Ports of Debarkation and Sea Ports of Debarkation to a designated destination. In addition to developing integrated movement plans for strategic and intra-theater movements from ports to designated destinations, the DM4-S also managed movements supporting port clearance to ensure integration and deconfliction with all other surface movements.

The concept of the DM4-S has been spearheaded by Air Force Lt. Col. Andrew Stark, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Plans (G5), who has successfully outlined, planned and coordinated with the U.S. Transportation Command Plans (J5) for project implementation.

"We recognize that a lot of the capability under the Army modularity has been redirected to the tactical level, and the DM4-S, Surface Mobility Division, steps in to provide an efficient surface deployment operation," Stark said.

Due to the uniqueness of a combined and joint Korean Theater of Operation, it was apparent that a division be created that would provide the capabilities to coordinate, integrate, and synchronize transportation and logistics. However, the DM4-S is not a permanent, standing organization. Rather, it is an infused and collaborative group of individuals comprised of members from the 599th Transportation Group and SDDC Headquarters at Fort Eustis, Va.

The Surface Mobility Division provides reach-back capability to leverage national partner capabilities and maintains operational awareness of inter-and intra-theater surface mobility infrastructure within the area of responsibility. SMD facilitates the integration of all surface mobility operations in the surface assessment, planning, and execution process. Additionally, the SMD coordinates allocation of assigned and attached transportation capabilities in support of the Joint Forces Command priorities. Within the DM4-S, Surface Mobility Division, capability is provided through the operations, road and rail, sea and inland, plans and IT/administrative sections.

The DM4-S, Surface Mobility Division provides flexibility and capability to a joint and combined environment.

As Shields noted, "This is a talented group of individuals who have come together in a short period of time." The result of which is "a Surface Mobility Division which is more involved in surface movement, and is quicker to provide response to theater movement requirements," he said.

As transportation and logistics capabilities evolve and adapt, support to the warfighter is always SDDC's primary mission ... and DM4-S is the answer!

by Karlene Bader

SDDC, HQ, G5, Fort Eustis
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Author:Bader, Karlene
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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