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DLA, TARDEC & TACOM Tire Catalogs.


That article told you the Army gave the tire purchasing role to DLA to save money. DLA then awarded a 5-year contract to Michelin North America to manage the military's tire supply, storage, and distribution functions. However, the Engineering Support Activity (ESA) for DOD ground vehicle tires remains within the Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC).

For current tire information, see DLA's 2008 tire catalog. It contains information for tires only.

TARDEC has published a separate catalog for tire accessories, such as valves, tubes, flaps, and tire chains.

And, TACOM's wheel assembly team has published a tire and wheel assemblies catalog.

All three catalogs-Tire Catalog 2008, Tire Accessories Catalog, and Tire Assemblies-are grouped together for easy access online:

Like previous editions of the Tire Catalog, you'll find updates, such as the addition of new NSNs, deletion of obsolete NSNs, and other corrections. Of course, you should verify this information with what's in your TMs. And make sure you order the right tires and wheel assemblies for your system.

By the way, a 2009 tire and wheel assembly list was posted in July 2009. Make sure you check the dates of the postings for the latest information. If the last tire posting you see is more than a year old, contact the DSCC Tire Team for updated information. And for answers to your tire questions, contact them:
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