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DKN Research develops film base connector.

HAVERHILL, MA -- Engineering firm DKN Research ( has developed the film base connector, the construction of which is built on a thin plastic film. It was developed for use as a high-density termination technology for flexible circuits, the company reports.


Micro bump arrays and soldering pads are built on thin heat-resistant film in this connector. The connectors are soldered on SMT boards, and flexible circuits with size hole arrays are placed on the connectors. The micro bump arrays make reliable connections to the flexible circuits, says DKN.

The connection spaces with a film base connector will be one order smaller compared to traditional connectors, the company adds. The heights of the connections can be smaller than 0.3 mm, including flexible circuits. A 6 x 10 array connector makes 60 reliable connections for finer flexible circuits than 100 [micro]m pitches, and consumes 24 sq. mm for the 60 pin connections on the boards, DKN states.

Film base connectors are produced through a photolithography process. A design for the connectors will realize a high-density connection for 50 [micro]m pitch flexible circuits in a small space, the company says.

A 1000-pin count connection in 10-mm sq. reportedly could be practical. Another big advantage for this connector device is repeated connections can be made where they cannot be made using other high-density termination technologies such as wire bonding and ACF connection, the company says.

DKN expect more capabilities from the termination technology because of the broad freedom of its construction. Exchangeable MCM packages, replaceable, stacked IC packages, and multilayer rigid/flex are future goals.

DKN has prepared a basic design guide explaining how to use the film base connectors with high-density flexible circuits. For more information, visit
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Author:Buetow, Mike
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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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