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DJ Mo on Pierra girl link: I can never deny my blood.

DJ Mo has finally taken the bull by the horns and cleared the air on the rumour that Pierra Makena's daughter was sired by him.

His daughter with gospel singer Size 8 bears a striking resemblance with DJ Pierra's, and fans have long wanted to know the truth.

"When people are young, they look alike. I can never deny my blood and if she was my child, I would never deny that, but unfortunately, she is not my child," DJ Mo told Word Is on Tuesday.

He added that the two children could be looking alike because their parents are in the same profession. "They are all DJ babies."

Also, despite DJ Mo being married to Size 8, netizens have many times claimed that there's the undeniable chemistry between him and his TV partner Grace Ekirapa.

DJ Mo said he loves his wife and doesn't listen to everything people say about him. "Grace is a good friend of mine and we work together. I always clap for those who claim we match and actually laugh about it because we know it is just our chemistry that is good," he said.

As a media personality, he loves the comments but it does not get to him because he has been faithful to his wife.

"If there is anyone I have ever cheated on with, let them come and say that I have cheated with them. Rumours are good because they help us grow in the industry," he said.

To clarify further, Size 8 said she is friends with Pierra since high school and as public people, they expect more of such negative things about them.

"We laughed about it and so don't believe everything you see on social media," she said.

The two DJ Mo and Size 8 are the new celebrities in business after launching Friends Car-wash, Beauty parlour and a barber shop in Kilimani at Dennis Pritt road opposite St Georges girls high school on Tuesday."It has taken me and my wife six months to work on this and we thank God finally it's open," DJ Mo said adding that he loves dealing with cars."I have been frustrated the many times I have taken my cars to a car wash because of bad services, the parlour and barber is for Size 8 who is known to love everything about beauty," Mo said.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:Jul 4, 2019
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