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DJ Fresh.

The World's Freshest, DJ Fresh, has reinvented himself again and again. He's come full circle numerous times, and his credentials include being tour DJ for Common and Nas, DMC World DJ Championships finalist as well as a producer. Welcome to the Tonight Show with DJ Fresh.

Give a brief history of yourself to the readers of Thrasher.

My name is DJ Fresh, DJ Frezzy, J Fresh aka The World's Freshest and I was born in Baltimore, Maryland. I moved to California and I worked with Nas, Common, Raekwon, Hieroglyphics--produced and DJ'd for all those artists. I'm one of the forefront runners in the whole Bay Area sound and shit. As far as production wise, I did The Tonight Show. That was kind of like how DJ Drama got the gangster grills, but the West Coast version of it, though. I make my beats. I just keep it pushing man, you know? I'm a real hip hop head.

What kind of projects do you have in the making right now?

For 2013 I got a Tonight Show EP with Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan. I've been messing with Raekwon for a minute on the tour circuit. I got a project with Trader True from Texas. It's an EP that's gonna be big. I also got The Tonight Show With Freddy Gibbs, an EP, all produced by myself and my homeboy, Mr. Tower. I got a J Stalin double album that I did all the beats for. That's called Nightmare On Tenth Street and Miracle On Tenth Street. That will be out the first or second quarter. Also, I got a project with Mitchy Slick from San Diego called Feemaster Paint. That's gonna be big. Also have a project with Eligh from the Living legends. I got a project with Planet Asia from Fresno, you know what I'm saying, on that hip hop shit. That's gonna be dope. What else do I have coming? I feel like I'm forgetting somebody.

You just got off tour with Grouch and Eligh--how was that G & E tour?

Man, that shit was crazy. This was the sixth-annual How the Grouch Stole Christmas Tour, 2012. It was great, man. Every year it gets bigger and better. We did about 27 cities. I just love it every time. It was like fuckin' bananas--I can't explain it. Words can't fathom how crazy that shit is was. It was dope.

What are your feelings about Thrasher and its readers?

Man being in Thrasher is dope, because what motherfuckers don't know is I used to work at a skate shop back in the day. This was around the time when they were saying that skateboarding was the fifth element of hip hop. I used to work at a skateboard shop DJing, so I know about a lot of skaters. Give me a skateboard, I know how to put the griptape on there, put the trucks on, put the wheels on there. It's an honor, man. It's an honor to be in Thrasher. We all pushing this movement together as far as independence--just shit that come from the street. 'Cause skating comes from the street just like hip hop comes from the street. It's an honor man. It's dope.

What's your take on hip hop nowadays, as in like the whole digital movement of it?

The digital movement--it's very new so we don't totally know where it's going. I would say me personally, as a business person in this world of hip hop, I think it's a good thing. Going digital has, in some ways, brought back royalty money to us independent artists who aren't on that main platform. Any person that's got some talent can put their music on iTunes and get that shit on YouTube and Rhapsody, etc. And in a short four-to-six months, they're gonna start to see money coming from their spins and their downloads and their streaming. That alone is very inspiring to any artist that's not with Atlantic or Elektra or any of these major corporations that put out records. You're self-contained and you can see your fans and your music growing. See it happening live and in the flesh. I like to look at the positive and not the negative of it.

Are there any artists that you want to do a collab with this upcoming year?

Yeah, I wanna do something with Nas. I wanna do something with Jay-Z, too. Kool G Rap, Blast Holiday from Oakland, Andre Nickatina, Murs, Eligh from the Living Legends, which we're already doing something, but you know, its a good look. Too Short, E-40. Mystikal, Ciara.

Any last words or shout outs?

First of all shout out to Thrasher, shout out to the homie Jamie for seeking me out and doing this. Shout out to the whole Live Wire from Oakland, California. Shout out to my peoples, man. Mr. Tower, shout out to my kids, my family. Lady Ilee, shout out to my homie Jonathan, Gars on the beats, Mike Renzo, The Mechanics. Shout outs to just everybody, you know what I'm saying? Shout out to G-O-D. Not even shout out, big up to G-O-D for allowing me the opportunity to do this interview.
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