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DIY speed traps will be used to warn motorists.

VILLAGERS in North Durham are planning DIY measures to combat speeding motorists.

They have agreed to fork out an estimated pounds 7,000 for two portable Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) which they will operate themselves at the side of busy roads.

Speed indicators (SIDs) have proved to be successful in other parts of Britain.

Drivers within the speed limit are confronted with a Smiley face as a thank you, a sad face is a reminder to slow down.

Now parish councillors and local volunteers in Burnhope, Brancepeth, Brandon and Castleside, all in north Durham, are preparing to operate them for a couple of hours per day.

With potential matched funding from several of the local Parish Councils, members of the newly-formed Durham County Council Area Action Partnership agreed to buy the SIDs.

Police representative Dave Coxon said: "The Community Speed Watch scheme uses devices called SIDs and means, with the support of a police officer, community volunteers can monitor the speed of passing traffic.

"The device shows the speed of oncoming vehicles to drivers and is an instant reminder if they are exceeding the speed limit.

"If a vehicle is identified as exceeding the speed limit by 10% or more (for example, 33mph or more in a 30pmh zone or 44mph in a 40mph zone) then the details of the vehicle will be recorded on the daily log sheet by the police. The owner may well receive a warning letter with further action taken if the same car is spotted speeding again."

AAP locality chair Kath Currie, a public representative from Brancepeth, said the SIDs would help to make the area a safer place.

"It is a highly visible scheme, which will be both educational and preventive," she said.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 30, 2009
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