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DIY in a weekend.

Easter is traditionally the start of the DIY season, so here are some quick(ish) jobs to keep you busy during the long weekend 1 PREP a room. Filling and sanding can go a long way to improving less-than-perfect walls before redecorating, but if it's necessary to remove the plaster and start again, do a waterproof render first if the brickwork is damp. Remember to seal the plaster before applying emulsion. You can use watered-down emulsion, although No Nonsense Trade Bare Plaster Paint (PS16.79 for 10ltr, Screwfix) can be less drippy.

2 PAINT a room. If you want to paint over a dark wall colour with a paler one, save time and effort by using a basecoat emulsion before the topcoat emulsion. As a general rule, the cheapest ones don't cover well so, while you don't need to spend a lot to get a good paint, budget ranges can be a false economy.

3WALLPA PER a room. If the walls aren't in the best condition, wallpaper should help to disguise it. You can also, of course, use lining paper on walls to improve their appearance without replastering. To make a statement, do a wallpaper feature wall and paint the other walls a matching, tonal or contrasting colour.

4 SAND floorboards... or paint them. Providing the boards aren't too rough, you can sand them with a hand sander - once they're cleaned and primed, you're ready to paint. Water-based floor paints dry quickly and so are ideal if you need to use the room again soon, although you'll have to do several coats of white to avoid a patchy finish.

.UP woodwork.

5FRESHEN Oil-based white wood paints tend to yellow over time, so for woodwork that stays white use water-based paint, which is mostly available in satin and eggshell finishes. Like floor paints, white water-based wood paints don't cover particularly well (compared to oil-based ones), but because the paint dries quickly, you can do several coats in a day or two (other colours usually cover in two coats).


Use a good-quality basecoat emulsion when repainting

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