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Byline: Dear Donny

Q How can I get rid of trailing ivy remnants on my brickwork? It was cut down this year but left unsightly feelers and sucker roots. Can I use anything other than a wire brush? Allison Abraham, by email AI think most trailing ivy was planted in good faith in the 1960s and then was left to get out of control. I've tried lots of things but the search goes on. I get as much off with an old screwdriver and leave the rest to weather off.

QI'm in the process of selling my house and I have just noticed a crack in the ceramic sink. What's the best way to fix this? Scott Tollan, Livingston, West Lothian A If you can, replace it. You don't want any low scores on your home report. A surveyor will notice a crack - not to mention the fact that prospective buyers might spot it too.

QI had double glazing fitted a year ago by a local firm and since then I've had bad condensation on the front door. I've also got black mould in the corners of the windows. The firm said I should install extractor fans. Can you give me some advice please? Sean Day, by email A If you have a dispute with the firm, I can't get involved. But what you are experiencing is "cold bridging" which is where the door gets cold and results in condensation. You don't say if it's just your windows which are double glazed or whether the door is too, but it would be odd for a properly fitted double glazed door to develop condensation.

QI bought an aluminum shed last year but it holds moisture. How can I insulate it? Magdalene Gibb, by email AI'm afraid there's not much you can do. These sheds have always been Donny's tip If you get a blocked sink use a cloth to cover the overflow as this increases the pressure on the blockage when you're plugging it.

bad for dampness and are more for securing cycles, lawnmowers and the like. They're not much good for storing cardboard boxes or anything that will get ruined with moisture.

Q You recently featured a question about block pavers. Are you aware block pavers only have one way up? They have an upper and lower side, and turning them upside down will make your pavement look unsightly.

Dennis Appleton, by email A This is true, but sometimes it's the only option. If you get oil stains from a car and can't get rid of them, turning them over is a big improvement. Once weathered it's hardly noticeable.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 5, 2013
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