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Byline: Dear Donny

Q We have ceramic tiles fitted over chipboard with underfloor heating. The grouting between the tiles at the shower has cracked and is loose. How can this be fixed? Marie McRae, by email A You will need to cut out the loose grout and re-grout. There are a few tools that make it easier. I would use a multi-tool, such as the Bosch Multifunctional All Rounder or similar, set to just under the thickness of the tiles.

Donny's tip Improve your radiators' efficiency by fixing thick aluminium kitchen foil or a product such as Radflek ( behind them. It will reflect the heat back into the room and prevent it from being absorbed into the wall.

QI am having a carpet laid over old floorboards and was worried the floorboards will show. The carpet fitter said I just need an expensive underlay.

Janet Riley, by email A The floorboards will show. Lay thin hardboard over them, something like 4mm will do the trick, and tack the sheets to the floorboards. Or lay the thinnest plywood that you can get your hands on.

Q Can I replace my metal guttering with plastic guttering? Steve Patten, Bristol A You could do but if the leaks are coming from the joints in the cast/ metal guttering, I'd be tempted just to seal the joints. This should buy you time.

Q Does condensation on the inside of my double-glazed window mean that the window is not insulated? Claire Barratt, East London Aa cold surface. So your g its se d.

Condensation is warm moist air condensing on a cold surface. So your window is not doing its job properly because the glass is too cold. It probably means the vacuum between the glazing units has failed but you don't need a new window, just a new unit. Check locally for a specialist.

t w, just Q In my flat the electrical sockets were installed in the skirting boards. Now that it has been rewired, I have these big holes in the skirting.

Lee Parsons, Sunderland AI would stuff some newspaper into the hole but not enough to reach the surface. Then fill over with Carlite bonding and leave until it is dry. Sand and fill again but this time with a fast set filler, Tetrion and Polycell both do one. Sand again, then paint.

SEND YOUR QUESTIONS TO: Product of the week RIGHT ANGLE DRILL DRIVER This handy tool comes in useful if you need to make a hole or drive a screw into an awkward or cramped space, such as when you're putting flat-packed furniture together at, they don't come cheap, so it's worth hiring when needed.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 1, 2012
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