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DIY Donny; Your home improvement questions answered...

QWHEN our bathroom was upgraded, the fitters tiled the floor straight onto the floorboards, then fitted the suite. Now the tiles are lifting and the grout keeps coming out. Is there a product that will go over these floor tiles? We don''''t want to have to remove all the fittings.

Lin Barrett ATHE floor should have been lined with plywood before tiling and now the tiles are losing their bond with the floor.

The first thing to go will be the grout and then the tiles will crack and eventually need to be replaced. In the meantime, remove loose grout and replace it.

QHOW can I repair spalling (flaking) on the brickwork of my outside walls? My house dates from early 1900.

Kevin Worthington AYOU can hire a machine to cut out the mortar around the spalling bricks and then remove them. The hardest part will be finding matching bricks. Don''''t worry about a slight colour difference as the new bricks will weather. When replacing them, make sure you have a weaker mortar mix than the strength of the brick. If the mortar is too strong they will spall again.

QHOW can I get a hair dye stain off my bathroom floor? Sandra Ann AIF it''''s carpet or vinyl and the room is small, I would replace it with an offcut. The dye manufacturer will have instructions to remove the product but you''''ll struggle if it''''s a light carpet and dark dye.
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Date:Oct 12, 2013
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