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QI live in a terraced house, and the cupboard containing my gas meter is very damp. Is there a paint that could solve this dampness? Cath Morgan, by email AAN external wall can have penetrating damp, while an internal wall usually suffers condensation or rising damp. Before you do anything, empty the cupboard and leave the door open for a couple of days to see if it dries out. If it does it's condensation. If not, then it's dampness coming from outside. Toupret ( uk) has a range that can help. Take a look at Toupret Humi Stop (which you paint on) or Humi Block (a damp-proof filler). However, these products will only work on damp walls - and not on walls where water is running off them.

QMY staircase is full of creaking stairs and I don't know how to cure it.

John AIF you can get under the stairs, great - get someone to walk down each step and identify the creaks. The wedges may be loose between the tread and riser. If they're wood, glue them and jam them back in, or screw up through the tread into the riser from underneath. Alternatively, fix timber blocks beneath the stair to reinforce the joint between tread and riser. If you can't get under the stairs, you will either have to fix angle brackets to the tread and riser or screw down through the tread into the riser (at the nose of the tread). If the stairs aren't carpeted, you may have to use timber moulding instead.

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