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Byline: Gayle Ritchie

BURLESQUE queen Dita von Teese has a secret ambition ... to teach Victoria Beckham how to be sexy.

The glamour girl counts the Beckhams among her biggest fans, but she reckons she could teach Posh a thing or two about seduction.

Victoria's stiff and unsmiling ways have often made her the brunt of harsh criticism. Even she has admitted she doesn't feel sexy.

But help is at hand, thanks to fellow style icon Dita.

The 37-year-old said: "I am friends withVictoria and I've met David a couple of times.

"I think Victoria knows how to be a sexy, confident woman in her own right. I do think it would be fun.

"And I'm sure she'd be up for it. She's a lot of fun."

With her captivating curves and raunchy dances, Dita has carved out a reputation as a woman who is not shy of flaunting what she's got.

And she's happy to share her secrets on being sexy with women such as Posh.

She said: "I always try to remind women not to focus on what they think beauty is because confidence is where sexiness comes from.

"Anybody can be all sex, sex, sex. That's not good. from it Michigan, world of Dietrich to like 'It's good when you're clearly enjoying it and having fun."

But gorgeous Dita hasn't always been quite so confident.

A painfully shy child, it wasn't until she started working in a lingerie shop that she finally came out of her shell.

She said: "I'm a blonde, really. A very ordinary-looking blonde girl.

"I was a late bloomer and I was the middle child, so I got the least attention. And I was really shy, painfully shy.

"When I first learned how to wear make-up and began playing with my hair and combs and stuff, it totally changed my life. I knew when I became old enough, I could totally go wild with style and glamour.

"I was always in red lips and wearing lingerie-inspired clothes at high school, because I worked in a lingerie store.

"I became obsessed with lingerie from a very young age because to me it signified womanhood."

Growing up in a small town in Michigan, the young Dita lived in a world that was far from glamorous.

But she loved watching old movies of Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich with her mum and wanted to become a glamour puss just like them.

Dita said: "I'd watch and think, 'That's what I want, I want to be a grown-up lady'.

"I hated being a kid. I just wanted to be a lady."

By the time she was 18, she was draped in raunchy gear and had begun working in a strip bar.

But because she had been a ballet dancer from the age of five, she was comfortable with her body and never afraid to get on stage and dance.

Surprisingly, for someone who always looks preened to perfection, Dita is not high maintenance when it comes to getting ready.

She said: "It took me one hour today. That's normal.

"But I can totally pull it together in 20 or 30 minutes if I have to.

"But if I'm getting ready for a big event, I like to spend two hours as I want to listen to music, take my time and drink some champagne. I like to lose myself in the whole process."

She admits she loves spending time alone at home with her hair scraped back and no make-up.

But she draws the line at roughing it in baggy trousers and T-shirts.

Dita said: "I'm totally comfortable about how I look and I love spending days at home with no make-up on, but I still don't put on track suits and become a totally different person.

"For me, I put my hair in a bun, no make-up, may be a little lip gloss and I'll go to my pilates class.

"But I have gone to my class in full make-up and full hair. That's a lot of fun, too."

COUPLED with pilates, daily bouts of bouncing up and down on a trampoline are what help keep Dita in tip-top condition.

But she's certainly not obsessed about her looks.

She said: "There was a rumour I was crazy about sun screens and travelled with my own curtain to keep the sun off my face on planes, and that I eat special food.

"But it's not true. I'm not a big dieter but I do exercise a lot.

"I'm not too worried about ageing or plastic surgery, even though I would do it if I felt like I wanted to.

"I've always been open about what I've had done. Everybody knows I had my breasts done.

"I think it's ridiculous when celebrities have work done and then pretend they haven't.

"I look at certain stars, who will remain nameless, and it's so obvious.

"I can spot it from a mile away. I prefer someone like Pamela Anderson. She's like, 'Yeah, I got my boobs done like 10 times.'

"I love that."

Following a split from goth rocker Marilyn Manson, Dita is enjoying playing the dating game these days.

But she remains tight-lipped about the men she is seeing.

She said: "I'm seeing lots of special people at the moment.

"I've dated men from all walks of life, all sorts of different guys.

"Clean-cut guys, younger guys, older guys, blonde guys and red-headed guys.

"I'm just dating casually. I don't have any serious boyfriend.

"I'm just really happy to be single and free and go out on dates.

"I don't want to be in a relationship right now.

"I've not met anyone that I feel like I'm ready to unveil my relationship with and I don't want to call any attention to anyone."

Dita is sending temperatures soaring by posing in racy underwear for her newWonderbra collection.

It features five styles and also includes the Multi Teese Party Edition bra and thong set, with elegant velvet straps, bow detail and sequins.

Thanks to her habit of wearing corsets since she was 18, Dita is blessed with a tiny 22-inch waist. And she loves nothing better than to dress up her fine figure in her colossal collection of vintage lingerie.

She said: "I have a major wardrobe just for my lingerie, things in storage and trunks full of lingerie. Actually, I have a whole room solely for my lingerie.

"And I've no idea how many bras I own. It must be hundreds at least.

"I'm sure that I wouldn't have to do laundry for at least two years if I didn't want to. That's pretty serious."

But at the end of the day, Dita reckons that she's just like any other woman.

She said: "I'm just a normal girl playing dress-up, having a good time and living this glamorous life that I created for myself.

"I just want to encourage other women to do the same.

"Lingerie shouldn't be something you just put on for your lover.

"You should do it for you."


DREAM GIRL: Dita launches her Wonderbra range, top, and in her famous champagne glass dance routine LACK OF SPICE: Posh admits she doesn't feel sexy
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