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Frost, Kathy. Discovering Pterosaurs (Sequence Discovering Dinosaurs). Amicus, 2018. 32p. LB $31.35. ISBN: 9781685114352. Grades 2-6. Each page with a running timeline of important facts and scientific discoveries-combined with elementary vocabulary--gives the reader an introduction into the Pterosaurs. Other dinosaurs in the series are Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the Velociraptor. A glossary, more books to read, websites and index round out each title.

Hibbert, Clare. Armored Dinosaurs: Stegosaurs and Ankylosaurs (Dino Explorers). Enslow, 2019. 32p. LB $25.27. ISBN: 9780766099883. Grades 2-5. These dinosaurs are from the Jurassic period, and all have spikes and sharp plates. Fossil discoveries have aided scientists in learning more about dinosaurs. Colorful illustrations, fact boxes, a glossary, timeline, and additional books and websites are provided.

Mason, Paul. Dinosaur Slayers by the Shore (Dinosaurs Rule). Lerner: Hungry Tomato, 2019. 32p. LB $27.99. ISBN: 9781541501034. Grades 4-6. Dinosaurs at the beach? Here the prey and the predator are seen as they fight against each other, sure to appeal to the mid-range reader. Sidebars, fact boxes, and color illustrations enhance the title with back matter of additional reading, a glossary, and index.

Owen, Ruth. The Biggest Dinosaurs (The Dino-Sphere). Bearport, 2019. 24p. LB $26.36. ISBN: 9781642801859. Grades 2-5. The Dino-Sphere series includes everything from baby dinosaurs to the people who search for their fossils. This easy-to-read title is perfect for younger readers who can identify with the unique comparison of a bus with a dinosaur! The helpful table of contents, picture glossary, index, and additional reading make this perfect for beginning researchers.

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Author:Howard, Sara Catherine
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Date:Jun 1, 2019
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