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DIN abrader features digital speed adjustment and timer for testing.

The DIN 2200 abrader features a digital speed adjustment and test timer for more detailed and accurate testing. With the DIN 2200, an engineer, QC officer or laboratory technologist can test, for example, the abrasion resistance of a cured rubber compound at 10 mph, 20 mph and 30 mph. It can also be tested at preset distances up to 40 m (36.6 yards).

With this precision speed control and encoder feedback, the DIN abrader is said to deliver consistent results, insuring quality production, allowing supplier comparison and verifying advertised claims.

The DIN 2200 is said to be the only known DIN abrader with a digital speed adjustment and digital distance adjustment with an accuracy of 0.1 m. Normally testing 16 mm (5/8") diameter samples, it uses standard pretreated sandpaper in a method that prevents the paper from becoming clogged with sample residue.


The amount of pressure applied to the compound can be adjusted in 5 Newton increments, up to 20 Newtons.

A sample of compound can be rotated as it moves across the DIN abrader drum, showing the effects of multidirectional abrasion.

Benz Materials Testing Instruments
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Date:Dec 22, 2007
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