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 MAYNARD, Mass., Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- As the first step in the company's dramatic expansion of its PC product line, Digital Equipment Corporation (NYSE: DEC) today introduced nine DECpc LPv and DECpc LPx systems, making up the two families in its new value line of personal computers, starting at just $1,049. The company also announced its new line of easy-to-order packaged and pre-loaded Windows NT systems, aimed at filling the needs of specific PC users.
 "Today's announcements are part of the company's strategy to provide a full range of personal computer products designed to meet the differing needs of various customer segments," said Enrico Pesatori, vice president and general manager, Personal Computer Business Unit. "All the products in our Value, Performance, Server, Mobile, and PC Solutions lines will be aggressively-priced, and will be available through the channels where users prefer to buy."
 At the same time, Digital announced a three-year, worldwide warranty on its personal computers sold after August 31, 1993. Unlike other vendors, Digital's warranty is available on all of the company's PC products.
 "Our PC products have a proven track record for quality and reliability, and are backed by Digital's worldwide service and support," said Harry Copperman, vice president of US Sales and Marketing, Personal Computer Business Unit. "We are therefore extending our warranty on all PC products to three years, while delivering a level of service that many other vendors do not offer, or do not deliver directly."
 The new warranty features hardware call-screening available 12 hours per day, five days per week, and call-logging, available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The company will provide on-site desktop, deskside and server hardware service for the first year, with Return-to- Digital service for the second and third years, including 48-hour turnaround. Customers can also upgrade to on-site service for their second and third years by calling their Digital sales representative, authorized reseller, or Desktop Direct for more information. For portable products, Digital provides a Return-to-Digital three-year warranty (excluding batteries and other consumables), with 48-hour turnaround where available.
 Telephone support for software purchased with the system on desktop, deskside, server and portable PCs is provided for one full year on operating systems, and 90 days for PC applications. Digital also has a variety of extended services to meet customers' unique needs.
 Digital announced its new DECpc value line, consisting of two low- priced families of products: the slimline DECpc LPv and the more expandable DECpc LPx. The new systems replace most of the company's best-selling DECpc LP line, introduced in August, 1992.
 The DECpc LPv family, consisting of five low-profile models ranging in processor speed from 425sx to 466d2, offers local-bus graphics with GUI acceleration, processor upgradeability, and is an excellent value for budget-conscious buyers. Digital offers users faster scrolling, filing, and cursor movement through the use of S3's 805 video processor, and simple upgradeability via a LIF (Low Insertion Force) processor socket. The value-priced system uses the same low-profile enclosure as the existing DECpc LP series and is designed for users who need today's best technology to meet immediate business needs.
 The DECpc LPv base system, available in 425sx, 433sx, 433dx, 450d2, and 466d2 variants, includes three ISA expansion slots, two front- accessible and two internal drive bays for easy expansion and customization, 145 watt power supply, and is Ready-to-Run Microsoft Windows 3.1 and DOS 6.0 software -- all in a low-profile case. The DECpc LPv 425sx with the above configuration, 170 MB IDE hard drive, and four MB RAM is priced at $1,049 without monitor.
 The DECpc LPx family, consisting of four full-profile desktop models ranging in processor speed from 433sx to 466d2, offers a choice of graphics performance and is designed for users who want to take advantage of quickly-changing technology and protect their investments, but don't have a large budget. Digital offers users faster scrolling, filing, and cursor movement through a choice of three VL-bus GUI- accelerated video cards using S3 and Weitek microprocessors, with performance ranging from 17 to 62M Winmarks, and simple upgradeability via ZIF (zero insertion force) processor socket. The system's modular design also enables users to upgrade to Intel's next generation of Pentium Overdrive processors, as well as upgrade video cards as new technologies become available.
 The DECpc LPx base system, available in 433sx, 433dx, 450d2, and 466d2 variants, includes the user's choice of video up to 1280x1024 resolution, six 16-bit ISA slots, two VESA VL slots, four front bays, one internal bay, 200 watt power supply, and is available in a full- profile case. The DECpc LPx 433sx with the above configuration, 170 MB IDE hard drive, and four MB RAM is priced at $1,299 without monitor.
 Both systems include two serial ports, one parallel port, mouse, keyboard, and video ports, from four to 64 MB RAM, 128 or 256K of optional external cache, and are tested to run Microsoft DOS 6.0, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT, Novell NetWare, OS/2, and SCO UNIX software. Digital also offers a wide range of disks and other options.
 The systems are available immediately through the company's Desktop Direct catalog at 800-722-9332, through Digital's direct sales force, and authorized resellers.
 Packaged and Pre-Loaded Systems to Meet Users' Needs
 "A growing number of customers want to buy complete PC solutions tailored to their business or industry needs," said Jesse Parker, director of product management, Personal Computer Business Unit. "By providing these packaged and pre-loaded systems, we are offering target customers hardware and software configured the way they want them, at a discounted price."
 Today, Digital is announcing the first four of these PC Solutions packaged systems aimed at small business users, business professionals in larger corporations, and networked PC users. The company also announced pre-loaded Windows NT systems based on popular DECpc models.
 The Small Business and Business Professional systems are optimized for general-purpose computing, including integrated office software and a modem. The systems include a DECpc LPv 433dx or DECpc LPx 433dx, four or eight MB RAM, S3-805/S3-805 VESA VL video, 245 MB IDE hard drive, keyboard, mouse, 15" SVGA non-interlaced monitor, 128K cache, Lotus SmartSuite software, 14.4K data/fax modem, are Ready-to-Run Microsoft Windows 3.1 and DOS 6.0, and are priced at $2,423 and $2,693, respectively.
 The Network Client and Network Client Pro systems are designed for networked PC business environments, and feature convenient setup and operation. The systems include a DECpc LPv 425sx or DECpc LPx 433sx respectively, four or eight MB RAM, 170 MB IDE, S3-805/S3-805 VESA VL- bus video, keyboard, mouse, 14" SVGA non-interlaced monitor, 128K cache, EtherWORKS Turbo ethernet card, and are Ready-to-Run Microsoft Windows 3.1 and DOS 6.0. The Network Client system with DECpc LPv 425sx, is priced at $1,599. The DECpc LPx 433sx Network Ready Client system includes an extra four MB of RAM, and is priced at $1,999.
 For users moving to the Microsoft Windows NT environment, Digital also introduced cost-saving, pre-loaded Windows NT systems based on popular DECpc models. The systems include the DECpc 466d2 MT, DECpc 433dx MTE, DECpc 466d2 MTE, DECpc 450ST, DECpc 466ST, and the DECpc 560ST Pentium-based PC. The Windows NT client kit included with the systems offers all the features of Windows NT including peer-to-peer networking, application portability, and multitasking. All packaged systems include 16 MB RAM, a 245 MB SCSI drive, maximum external cache available, CD-ROM drive, 1.44M floppy disk drive, keyboard, mouse, and are Ready-to-Run Microsoft Windows NT, Version 3.1. Package prices range from $3,939 to $7,234. Customers can purchase other DECpc systems with Windows NT separately.
 All of the above packaged systems are available immediately through Digital's Desktop Direct catalog, direct sales force, and resellers.
 Digital's is ranked as one of the fastest-growing personal computer suppliers in the U.S. by market research firm Computer Intelligence, and the largest U.S. direct-mail computer supplier by Catalog Age magazine. The company markets a complete family of technologically-advanced and competitively-priced PCs -- including portables, desktops and deskside systems.
 Digital Equipment Corporation, headquartered in Maynard, Mass., is the leading worldwide supplier of networked computer systems, software and services. Digital pioneered and leads the industry in interactive, distributed and multivendor computing. Digital and its business partners deliver the power to use the best integrated solutions -- from desktop to data center -- in open information environments.
 NOTE: Sales information may be obtained by calling 1-800-722-9332. Additional technical information available in fact sheets accompanying this release. DECpc, Desktop Direct, Digital and EtherWORKS are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corporation. Microsoft and Windows NT are registered trademarks and Windows, DOS, Windows for Workgroups are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Novell, NetWare are registered trademarks of Novell Inc. SCO is a trademark of the Santa Cruz Operation. Lotus is a registered trademark of Lotus Development Corporation. SmartSuite is a trademark of Lotus Development Corporation. IBM, OS/2 are registered trademarks and Valuepoint, Spacesaver are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. S3 is a registered trademark of S3 Corporation. Weitek is a trademark of Weitek, Inc. Intel, Pentium and Overdrive are trademarks of Intel Corporation. Dell is a registered trademark of Dell Computer, Inc. Dimension and Netplex are trademarks of Dell Computer, Inc. Compaq is a registered trademark and Prolinea is a trademark of Compaq Computer Corporation. Computer Intelligence is a trademark of Computer Intelligence, Inc. Catalog Age is a trademark of Catalog Magazine.
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