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 MAYNARD, Mass., Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Equipment Corporation (NYSE: DEC) today launched a major market initiative into the desktop PC and embedded markets with two new Alpha AXP architecture microprocessors. These products are the industry's first microprocessors to feature the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) local bus standard directly on the chip.
 "Our goal is to leverage the performance leadership of the Alpha AXP architecture microprocessor family into emerging volume markets such as Windows NT PCs and high-end embedded control," said Ed Caldwell, vice president, Semiconductor Operations, Digital Equipment Corporation. "We believe that the power of the Alpha AXP architecture will enable end users to tap into the full potential of Windows NT."
 "With this announcement, we continue to deliver on our commitment to establish the Alpha AXP architecture as an open market standard," added Caldwell.
 DECchip 21066 Microprocessor Targets Windows NT Desktop Market
 The DECchip 21066 architecture is the first in a family of low cost, highly-integrated chips for the Windows NT desktop market. More than 500 Windows NT applications running natively on Alpha AXP architecture systems will ship by the end of this calendar year.
 Based on the core of the existing 64-bit DECchip 21064 micro- processor, the new device includes integrated PCI interfaces, an on-chip memory controller and graphics accelerator. These features substantially reduce the cost of implementing systems based on the Alpha AXP architecture.
 Priced at $385 per chip in quantities of 5,000, the DECchip 21066 microprocessor operates at 166 MHz and delivers estimated performance of 70 SPECint92 and 105 SPECfp92. Samples are available now, with volume quantities shipping in the first quarter of calendar year 1994.
 "We expect PCs based on the DECchip 21066 microprocessor to have better performance and cost less to build than a comparable Pentium or PowerPC-based system," said Art Swift, Semiconductor Marketing and Sales Manager, Digital Equipment Corporation. "The processor costs less and we've eliminated the cost of the system logic chipset."
 According to Linley Gwennap, Microprocessor Report, "The new processor could enable vendors to cut the price of PCs based on the Alpha AXP architecture to around $3,000." Rod Frye, vice chairman, Carrera Computers, Inc., added, "The pricing and high level of integration will enable Carrera Computers to offer our OEM's the opportunity to create systems priced in the $2,500 to $3,500 range. This places Alpha AXP architecture power and performance at Intel's 486 prices."
 First PCI on Chip
 With the PCI controller designed into the chip, manufacturers can now design systems easier and faster. By standardizing on PCI, vendors are able to use high volume, low cost components. In addition, PCI, the emerging bus standard effort initiated by Intel and supported by more than 200 leading semiconductor and computer vendors, provides manufacturers with investment protection for their custom PCI peripherals across multiple architectures and successive microprocessor generations. In addition, the PCI expansion bus preserves investments made in EISA and ISA add-on cards.
 DECchip 21068 Microprocessor Focuses on Embedded Markets
 The DECchip 21068 microprocessor, a product derived from the DECchip 21066 microprocessor, is the first Alpha AXP architecture chip targeted for embedded applications with lower power requirements. Because the DECchip 21068 microprocessor is pin-compatible with the DECchip 21066 microprocessor, developers can build boards that span two price or performance points without additional engineering costs.
 Priced at $221 per unit in quantities of 5,000, the chip runs at 66 MHz with estimated performance of 30 SPECint92, 50 SPECfp92 and 70 Dhrystone MIPS. Samples are available now, with volume quantities available in the first quarter of calendar year 1994.
 Realignment of High Performance Microprocessor Family
 With this announcement, Digital is also realigning its existing Alpha AXP architecture microprocessor family in relation to the new price/performance curve established by the new chip products. The currently shipping DECchip 21064-150MHz microprocessor has been reduced to $455 per unit in quantities of 5,000. Digital is also introducing a 166 MHz version of the DECchip 21064 microprocessor. Priced at $499 in quantities of 5,000 with estimated performance of 90 SPECint92 and 140 SPECfp92, the chip is available now in volume quantities.
 New Evaluation Board Helps Reduce Time-to-market
 The EB66/68 Evaluation Board is a tool that enables hardware engineers to design boards with either the DECchip 21066 or 21068 microprocessors more quickly and easily. The EB66/68 includes sample designs of an Alpha AXP architecture motherboard plus supporting sample files, source code, and simulation databases. Software engineers will use the board as a target software development tool. The Evaluation Board will be available for $5,000 in the first quarter of calendar year 1994.
 Manufacturing Resources
 Digital manufactures its current Alpha AXP microprocessors in 0.68 micron CMOS operating at 3.3V in its fabrication facilities located in Hudson, Mass., and South Queensferry, Scotland. A new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which represents the most advanced technologies in the industry will be opened in Hudsonin 1994. Mitsubishi, the world's eighth largest semiconductor supplier, is the second source for Alpha AXP microprocessors.
 Digital Equipment Corporation, headquartered in Maynard, Mass., is the leading worldwide supplier of networked computer systems, software, and services. Digital pioneered and leads the industry in interactive distributed, and multivendor computing. Digital and its business partners deliver the power to use the best integrated solutions - from desktop to data center - in open information environments.
 Note to Editors: AXP, Alpha AXP and DECchip are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corporation. Windows NT is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Intel, Pentium and i486 are trademarks of Intel Corporation. PowerPC is a trademark of IBM Corporation.
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