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 MAYNARD, Mass., Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Equipment Corporation (NYSE: DEC) today introduced the new DECpc XL series -- high- performance, i486 and Pentium processor-based PC systems that offer the ultimate upgrade path for PC buyers. The new Pentium-based DECpc XL 560 is rated at 80M WinMarks and features the best PC graphics performance in the industry today.
 The aggressively priced DECpc XL series (priced under $4,000 for a Pentium 60MHz model) is the most expandable PC family on the market. Using a unique motherboard/daughtercard modular approach, the series is designed to provide users with an unparalleled upgrade path for multiple generations of Pentium CPU and Alpha AXP CPU technology, while preserving the investment in the DECpc XL platform.
 "Today Digital is launching the second major wave of its PC product expansion strategy, aimed at the power user market segment," stated Enrico Pesatori, vice president and general manager of Digital's Personal Computer Business Unit. "This new series represents both the hottest performance on the market today, as well as an engineering breakthrough that allows today's user to upgrade within the Intel line or to convert to Alpha AXP technology when ready," Pesatori added.
 "Best-in-class" Premium PCs
 The new series is comprised of four system models -- DECpc XL 433dx, DECpc XL 466d2, DECpc XL 560, and DECpc XL 566 -- offering users the choice of the highest performing i486 processor or state-of-the-art Pentium processors. Pentium 60MHz and 66MHz daughtercard upgrades, as well as a future Alpha AXP daughtercard upgrade, are available as customers' performance requirements increase.
 The DECpc XL series offers the best sub-system extensibility: across microprocessors (i486 to Pentium to Alpha AXP), graphics (S3-928 to Diamond Viper), high-performance PCI expansion bus (more concurrent peripherals), and SCSI disks (340MB to 1 GB). The series is ideal for buyers who need a top-of-the-line CISC platform today, but may require RISC architecture in the near future.
 The DECpc XL series is the latest addition to Digital's Premium Line of PCs, joining the existing DECpc MTE series and DECpc AXP 150 personal computer.
 "Fast Performer"
 This new series is an innovatively engineered, modular platform that bridges processor architecture and delivers the highest possible PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) system performance.
 According to Jesse Parker, director of product management for Digital's PC Business Unit, "Digital is the first PC vendor to totally exploit the processor-independence features of the industry-standard PCI local bus." Parker continued, "The XL series is among the first fully configured PCI local bus platforms available on the market today. This system offers superior upgradability combined with untouchable Pentium performance."
 Digital engineered the DECpc XL series to be a "screamer" on the PC high-performance scale. The combination of industry-standard PCI local bus, superior write-back cache features, and Digital's implementation of the most advanced PCI video accelerator controllers (S3-928, to the Diamond Viper) delivers unprecedented, overall system performance.
 Modular Design -- Investment Protection
 In addition to its high-performance system enhancements, the DECpc XL personal computer presents a variety of unique design and engineering features. The thermal design of the system box features two variable speed fans that are heat sensitive and activate automatically, accurately placing maximum airflow through the enclosure. The environmentally-friendly enclosure is engineered to ensure the highest possible dissipation, which ensures low emissions of high frequency signals. It uses the first combination 5-volt and 3.3-volt power supply incorporated in a high-performance PC, facilitating easy upgrade to future i486 and Pentium microprocessors.
 The complete DECpc XL design center consists of the following: PCI/ISA main logic board (MLB), choice of graphics performance, standard SCSI dual speed CD-ROM, integrated PCI local bus SCSI-II controller, up to 192MB of memory on the MLB, upgradable flash BIOS, five bays (1 internal/4 external), six slots (2 PCI, 3 ISA, 1 Interleaved), and a 300 watt/5 volt and 3.3 volt power supply, in Digital's easy access "micro-tower" enclosure.
 "The unique, modular architecture of the DECpc XL system will enable PC buyers to reap all of the benefits of future advanced technology -- well beyond the comprehensive three-year warranty of the system," stated Harry Copperman, vice president, U.S. Sales and Marketing for Digital's Personal Computer Business Unit. "In addition, it will ensure investment protection and lower cost of ownership for the user," Copperman added.
 Workstation Class Performance at PC Prices
 The new DECpc XL series is aimed at PC users who want the maximum system performance, including intense business application users, software developers, and workgroups. Aggressive Pentium prices, as well as very attractive Pentium CPU upgrade prices, offer compelling investment protection for PC buyers today.
 Prices begin at $2,899 for a standard configuration (consisting of 8MB RAM, 340 SCSI hard drive, 3.5" floppy disk drive, S3-928PCI local bus video card, 1MB VRAM, dual speed SCSI CD-ROM, MS-DOS, Windows, Mouse and keyboard) for the low-end series member (DECpc XL 433dx), $3,299 for the mid-range 466d2 series member, $3,999 and $4,599 for the high-end 560 and 566 models. Pricing for the Pentium 60MHz and 66MHz CPU upgrade cards, with a i486 CPU card trade-in, are $1,199 and $1,999 respectively. The Alpha AXP CPU upgrade card will be priced below $2,000 with a i486 CPU card trade-in.
 Worldwide Availability, 3-Year Warranty
 Quantity shipments of the DECpc XL 433dx and 466d2 systems will start Nov. 30th. The DECpc XL 560 will be available Dec. 15th, and the DECpc XL 566 will be offered in January. The Alpha AXP CPU upgrade card will be available the first half of calendar 1994. All availability is worldwide and systems will be offered through the company's authorized resellers, the "Desktop Direct" catalog at 800-210-1408, as well as Digital's direct sales force. Digital's authorized resellers include MicroAge Computer Centers, Merisel, Gates/FA Distributing, Tech Data Corporation, EDS, Avnet Computer, Wyle, and Pioneer.
 Digital's new three-year warranty offers on-site service for the first year, with Return-to-Digital service for the second and third years, including 48-hour turnaround. Customers also can upgrade to on-site service for their second and third years by calling their Digital sales representative, authorized reseller, or "Desktop Direct" for more information.
 Digital Equipment Corporation is the world's leader in open client/server solutions from personal computers to integrated worldwide information systems. Digital's Alpha AXP platforms, storage, networking, software and services, together with industry-focused solutions from business partners, help organizations compete and win in today's global marketplace.
 NOTE: Digital, the Digital logo, Alpha AXP, DECpc and Desktop Direct are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corporation. i486, OverDrive and Pentium are trademarks of Intel Corporation. MD-DOS is a registered trademark and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. S3 is a registered trademark of S3 Corporation.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Sales information may be obtained by calling 1-800-722-9332. Additional technical information is available in a fact sheet, as well as a technology whitepaper. If you would like additional information, or would like to schedule and interview call contact listed below/
 /CONTACT: Michelle Hoey, personal computer business unit of Digital Equipment Corp., 508-496-8972/

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