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DIGITAL; We've scoured the digital and satellite channels to pick five unmissable shows.

what? NICK BAKER'S BEAUTIFUL FREAKS when? Discovery Channel, tonight, 9pm For many of us, our only experience of watching Nick Baker, pictured, came when he was continuously lampooned by Harry Hill on TV Burp a couple of years ago.

Harry picked on what appeared to be Nick's alarming habit of having accidents, or failing to find the creatures he was looking for. Obviously he isn't really quite as hapless as all that, because if he were, the Discovery Channel wouldn't have forked out a heap of cash to send him to Namibia to film this one-off documentary.

1 Nick is going to investigate how animals living in extreme conditions adapt to their environment - and learns that they often to it in the most bizarre ways.

Namibia's Central Plateau certainly fits the 'extreme' bill - it's a semi-arid desert where annual rainfall can vary by as much as 70cm. Among the creatures he meets are bat-eared fox.

what? SINGS MUSICALS when? BBC Four, tomorrow, 10pm Musical theatre provides so much more than films or mere televisual offerings - where else could you find sprawling, intricate costumes and emotions portrayed so finely you almost feel them too, amid songs that tell a thousand separate stories of their own? 2 As the Beeb continues to celebrate fine music, it now pays homage to some of the most memorable songs taken from the musicals - of which there have been plenty.

There are more than a few treats in store, as Ella Fitzgerald sings Mack The Knife, from the Threepenny Opera, Captain Sensible's 1982 chart-topper Happy Talk, and a cover of a song from South Pacific.

Jeff Beck, pictured, and Jay-Z also put in performances of their favourite songs.

what? GADGET GEEKS when? Sky 1, Monday, 8pm Fans of The Gadget Show may warm to this new series looking at hi-tech gizmos. In the first episode, the experts are off to Ibiza to help a holiday rep find the best underwater camera, create a mobile filming rig to capture a video, and transform a Sinclair C5 into a 'monster machine'.

Of course they could have done this in Blighty, but the producers are no fools when it comes to having a sun-kissed break.

3 There's also a chance to see Got To Dance champions Chris and Wes delivering their opinion on an array of portable speakers.

Vikki Cook, Commissioning Editor at Factual at Sky said: "Gadgets and technology are an integral part of everyone's life and with such a bewildering array on offer it can be tricky for consumers to know what is right for them."

It remains to be seen whether this proves as popular as The Gadget Show, but it should be fun finding out.

what? STORYVILLE: MY FRIEND SAM - LIVING FOR THE MOMENT when? BBC Four, Monday, 10pm Familial dysautonomia is a rare genetic disorder that affects the development and function of nerves throughout a person's body.

Sometimes called Riley-Day Syndrome, symptoms include the inability to produce tears, poor growth, problems with speech and movement, and difficulty swallowing.

4 Sam Frears, a 39-year-old actor, knows a lot about Familial dysautonomia, as this often moving film reveals.

As a youngster he was left with a 50% chance of making it to his fifth birthday because of the condition.

Now cameras follow him as he copes with the challenges of everyday life while trying to pursue a career.

what? UNFORGETTABLE when? Sky Living, Tuesday, 9pm After years of honing her skills on shows nobody's heard of, Australian actress Poppy Montgomery won many fans on hit saga Without A Trace.

So when it came to finding a reliable leading lady for this series, it's little wonder she was snapped up for the role of Carrie Wells.

For newcomers, Wells is an ex-New York cop who has hyperthymesia, a rare medical condition that means she can visually remember everything she has heard or seen.

5 Here the team investigates the slaughter of a gym owner and his anaesthesiologist wife, and find the couple's frightened son, hiding in the house.

Carrie uses her own childhood trauma to connect with the boy - the only person who can identify his parents' killers - but a psychologist gives her stiff opposition.

The fine supporting cast includes Dylan Walsh, Michael Gaston, Kevin Rankin and Daiya Vaidya.
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