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 MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- DigiBoard today announced that DigiBoard Menu Interface, which provides faster and easier installation and reconfiguration of DigiBoard device drivers for multiuser and networked computer systems. The product offers DigiBoard customers an alternative to the standard, character-based installation methods offered with UNIX operating systems.
 The DigiBoard Menu Interface allows users to change the parameters of the computer system, for example reconfiguring the device drivers or adding another concentrator, without having to un-install the drivers and then re-install with a new configuration.
 "The purpose of DigiBoard's serial port boards, and all our products, is to make multiuser and networked systems run faster and more productively, making the user's life easier," said Joe Toste, DigiBoard product manager. "The DigiBoard Menu Interface is the logical next step in the development of our connectivity solutions, because it makes installing our products just as easy as using them."
 "We realize that systems integrators spend a lot of time configuring and reconfiguring systems. The DigiBoard Menu Interface will save them invaluable time not only installing device drivers, but also managing the network over the long run," Toste said.
 Designed for PCs running UNIX, the DigiBoard Menu Interface will be standard with all DigiBoard UNIX drivers for its asynchronous communications products. These include the Xem family of modular, multichannel intelligent serial port boards, the C/X and EPC/X family of cluster controllers, and the 2Port, 4Port and 8Port intelligent serial port boards.
 In addition to facilitating installation and reconfiguration of device drivers, the DigiBoard Menu Interface also:
 -- Allows users to create an image file that can be used to install DigiBoard products on other machines with the same physical configuration. This image can be sent to technical support staff so the user's environment can be recreated for maintenance and trouble- shooting;
 -- Lets the user change the default port settings (baud rate, parity, etc.) for installation time;
 -- Provides "change and show" capabilities that allow the user to see how the system is set up so he/she can define the characteristics of the terminal and ensure that the serial ports are communicating properly with the system. This capability, currently accomplished with the "Ditty" command, will now be a menu-driven component of the DigiBoard Menu Interface;
 -- Enables the user to monitor the status of the Front End Processor/Operating System and the individual ports on a system using the DigiBoard Port Authority diagnostic tool; and
 -- Supports the installation of DigiFax, DigiBoard's fax server application.
 The DigiBoard Menu Interface comes with DigiBoard drivers for UNIX SVR3 and SVR4, and SCO UNIX and Xenix. The DigiBoard Menu Interface will begin shipping in mid-November, at no additional cost to the customer. DigiBoard serial port boards range from $299 to $2,895. Existing customers can obtain the DigiBoard Menu Interface when upgrading to the most recent DigiBoard UNIX device drivers.
 DigiBoard is the leading provider of connectivity solutions for microcomputer systems. A division of Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII), DigiBoard manufactures products for multiuser systems, LANs and WANs on the ISA, EISA, Micro Channel, SBus and NuBus platforms. DigiBoard markets its products through an international network of distributors and resellers.
 NOTE: All brand names and product names, are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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 /CONTACT: Cindy Bergevin of DigiBoard, 612-943-5345; or Leahanne Hobson or Susan Stevens of Copithorne & Bellows, 617-252-0606, for DigiBoard/

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