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In Pennsylvania it's illegal to sing in the shower and the bath.

In Ohio you can't get arrested on a Sunday or on the fourth of July.

A woman who let her teenage daughter lean out of a moving van to take beer from a vehicle driving alongside on a Nebraska highway has been arrested. The 47-year-old mum was driving her cheerleader daughter to an American football game when a group of boys pulled up next to them. After signalling to the boys they wanted a beer, the woman inched the van closer to the other car so her daughter could lean out to grab the can. The woman was charged with procuring alcohol for minors, contributing to the delinquency of minors and reckless driving.

A US man was arrested after being found in an office building lying next to an inflatable life-sized doll with his pants down. The 47-year-old's previous crimes included stealing from a bridal boutique and being caught in an alleyway in a compromising position with a mannequin in a wedding dress. The man has now been charged with indecent exposure.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Dec 17, 2007
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