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DIARY; Return of the watering can.

AFTER the deluge we've had this winter and spring, it seems odd to be watering again. Somehow you felt everything would stay wet for ever.

Although there is plenty of moisture under the surface, wherever we have been working on the ground (usually forking it over rather than digging, we seldom dig nowadays because it ruins the soil structure) the top few inches dry out rapidly.

Anything that is newly planted, especially if it is young, is liable to dry out quickly. So it's watering cans and even hoses to the rescue.

We have covered most of the soil with mulch, either compost, leaf mould or rotted manure, and this is the best way to retain moisture.

But when the sun shines and temperatures climb steeply, it's vital to keep an eye out for anything that needs a drink.

DOWN one side of our garden is a native hedge we planted many moons ago.

Most of it is thriving but here and there are a few sparse patches.

Any small seedling trees we find in the garden are lifted, potted and grown on for a bit and then used to plug the gaps.

We've got holly, hawthorn, rowan and hazel - all from nuts and berries spread by birds and rodents.

| Apple pips can help fill out a hedge Now is a good time to plant them out. You can put almost anything into a mixed hedge like this - apples we grew from pips are now residing in our hedge, as are cuttings from Viburnum Opulus.


| Apple pips can help fill out a hedge

Be sure to replace lost moisture
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 26, 2014
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