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 SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Diamond Computer Systems Inc. today announced several new products including a video capture, compression and playback card, two low-cost sound cards, and a graphics accelerator card in PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) and VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) Local Bus versions. In addition, Diamond has improved the performance of its Viper PCI, currently shipping in volume, to reach more than 80 million Winmarks, based on Ziff-Davis Labs' Winbench 3.11. These new products and improvements represent Diamond's continuing commitment to meet the changing needs of Windows users. They all will be on display at Fall Comdex beginning Nov. 15, 1993, in booth No. L360 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.
 VideoStar: Full-Screen, Full-Motion Video
 Diamond's new VideoStar is a real-time, full-motion video capture, compression and playback card providing the business user with the ability to create effective communications tools with the addition of live digital video. It features full-screen imaging, flicker-free capture and playback, accelerated size and scale playback windows, multiple video input sources, low disk space requirements and a full package of motion video software.
 The VideoStar captures live motion video at 30fps (frames per second) in pixel resolutions of 320 x 240 from a variety of input sources including VCR, camcorder and laser disk. The VideoStar provides close control during recording of motion video sequences with the use of VGA pass through which allows the user to simultaneously capture and view the video clip.
 The addition of motion JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) hardware compression enables recording and playback of broadcast-quality video while reducing the amount of valuable hard disk space required by greater than 90 percent. The use of hardware compression reduces system overhead and allows for higher frame rates at greater resolutions providing a higher quality overall image. Motion JPEG offers flexibility in balancing storage space availability and desired image quality with the option to capture video at low compression ratios for maximum quality or at higher compression ratios to minimize required storage space.
 Unlike other capture cards, the VideoStar can play back video images on a full screen with a minimal loss in quality. With accelerated playback, images that are captured within a small window at a low resolution can be scaled up to match the size of any chosen viewing window. This quality image is maintained with the use of an advanced hardware horizontal and vertical filtering technique. The recommended system requirements for Diamond's VideoStar are an IBM PC-AT compatible with a 486 or better CPU. A full suite of motion video production software is included with the VideoStar enabling immediate productivity. The VideoStar has a suggested retail price of $359, and with the addition of motion JPEG compression, the VideoStar Pro is $529.
 SonicSound Expands Line
 Diamond has added two affordable new 16-bit sound cards to its SonicSound line of sound products. The SonicSound LX is based on Yamaha's OPL-3 FM synthesizer, and the SonicSound DX provides OPL-4 wave table synthesis. The SonicSound LX features 20 stereo FM voices, 16-bit record and playback and is fully compatible with Sound Blaster Basic, Sound Blaster Pro and Windows Sound System. It also includes a CD-ROM interface for all IDE (Integrated Device Electronics) drives including Sony, Mitsumi and Panasonic. The SonicSound DX provides the same features as the SonicSound LX, but it also offers 24 wave table voices. Both include Macromedia Action! 2.5, Midisoft Recording Session, A-System Sound Impression and DOS utilities software. The SonicSound LX has a suggested retail price of $149, and the SonicSound DX is $199.
 Stealth 32: GUI and CAD Accelerator for VLB and PCI
 Diamond's latest addition to the Stealth family, the Stealth 32, provides a mid-range 2 MB DRAM solution for both the PCI and VESA local bus architectures. The Stealth 32 graphics accelerator implements cost- effective DRAM while still outperforming more costly VRAM 2D-based solutions. The 32-bit CPU-direct connection provides enhanced Windows performance for graphics functions such at BitBLTs, full 256 raster operations, line drawing, and cursor control. A 16-bit pixel output provides for true-color display and optimal refresh rates simultaneously.
 The Stealth 32 employs a Tseng labs ET-4000/W32p graphics controller and supports a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 in 256 colors, 1024 x 768 in 65,536 colors, and 800 x 600 and 640 x 480 in 16.7 million colors. Ergonomic, flicker-free refresh rates up to 90Hz are standard. The Stealth 32 soars with over 35 million Winmarks on a DX2/66MHz VLB machine and over 46 million Winmarks on Pentium-based PCI systems running Ziff-Davis Labs' WinBench 3.11 performance tests. High resolution drivers for Windows 3.1, AutoCAD, AutoShade, 3D Studio, GEM, Ventura Publisher, Lotus v2.3, and other popular applications and operating systems are included. Additionally, the Stealth 32 supports many existing applications with full downward compatibility to the Tseng ET-4000 controller and earlier graphics standards. The Stealth 32 has a suggested retail price of $349 for both the VLB and PCI versions.
 Viper PCI: Faster Performance and Lower Price
 Diamond has increased the performance of its Viper PCI to reach more than 80 million Winmarks (based on Ziff-Davis Labs Winbench 3.11) on an Intel Pentium machine and has lowered its suggested retail price. The Viper PCI is a Plug and Play card, based upon the Weitek Power 9000 32-bit VRAM accelerator, and is available for 486 and Pentium-based machines.
 The Viper PCI improves Windows performance by off-loading critical display functions from the system CPU. With Viper's scalable processor technology, Windows performance increases linearly with the new breed of fast Intel Pentium and IBM "Blue Lightning" CPUs. It features a high- speed RAMDAC that provides a minimum 72 Hz flicker-free display at up to 1280 x 1024 resolution and 24-bit color depths. Also included with the card are optimized Windows drivers and an automated installation program. The Viper PCI's suggested retail price has been reduced from $549 to $499, and it is currently shipping in quantity.
 "These new product offerings will allow personal computer users one outlet to purchase powerful graphics, video and sound products," said Bill Wong, vice president of marketing for Diamond. "The integration of graphics, video and audio into multimedia is imminent. We are poised for this shift, having been the market-leading provider of graphics solutions for the last four years."
 Established in 1982, Diamond Computer Systems Inc. designs, manufactures and markets video graphics adapters, high-end Windows accelerators and multimedia cards in Sunnyvale. Diamond's products are sold through regional, national and worldwide distributors as well as to major OEMs.
 NOTE: VideoStar, SonicSound, Stealth and Viper are trademarks of Diamond Computer Systems Inc. All other product names are property of their respective manufacturers. All products were tested independently by Diamond Computer Systems using the Ziff-Davis Labs' WinBench v3.11.
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