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DHCR's Aponte plans to leave chief's job.

Division of Housing and Community Development Commissioner Angelo J. Aponte is leaving the agency, agency officials confirmed. The governor's appointment's office will be seeking a replacement.

"He has not set a date yet," said DHCR spokesperson Louis Ganin. "He is weighing some offers from the private sector."

Despite rumors the Governor Cuomo wanted him out, Ganin insisted the expected move was not at the governor's request, and the governor's press office confirmed that. "His relationship with the governor is fine and has been fine," Ganin said, explaining the commissioner has been planning to make a move. "He has been looking for some time."

Aponte was in the running for the School Chancellor's job. He attended New York Law School and graduated in 1991 but failed the bar examination twice, sources said.

Dan Margulies, executive director of the Community Housing and Improvement Program, said Cuomo has gone through a succession of housing commissioners had no strong background in the housing area. "Most nationally respected housing experts will refuse the opportunity until the state's housing policies are changed, he said.

"Nobody who knows anything about housing wants to get involved with rent policy and get bogged down with administering a system that doesn't contribute to housing. They wind up spending the bulk of their time dealing with petty administrative issues.

Aponte has been highly critical of his own agency. "I've heard him refer to the agency as the Evil Empire and he was Master of the Evil Empire," said one owner.

John J. Gilbert III, president of the Rent Stabilization Association, admitted he was somewhat surprised. "I had no inkling he would resign," Gilbert said. "He is somebody who could articulate the issues and had the impossible job of administering a law that cannot be administered. I've said it before," Gilbert continued, "that not even Superman or Superwoman can make this law work because it's designed not to work."
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Title Annotation:Division of Housing and Community Development commissioner Angelo J. Aponte resigns
Author:Weiss, Lois
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Aug 4, 1993
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