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DGI Technologies Introduces Digital Trunk Interface Card Designed for International Markets; DTI-3200 Provides Customers the Latest Technology At Reduced Cost.


DGI Technologies (DGI), a premier supplier of long-distance and cellular switching products, announced today the availability of the DTI-3200 Digital Trunk Interface Card for E1 networks.

Designed for international markets, the DTI-3200 allows users of Motorola(a) EMX switching systems, originally manufactured by Alcatel(a) USA (formerly DSC Communications), to utilize the latest digital techniques to upgrade their systems at a significantly reduced cost.

The DTI-3200 card is based on DGI's field-proven DTI card technology. It offers total compatibility for use in Motorola and DSC standard E1 DTF shelves and frames, as well as all DGI E1 shelves and frames. This compatibility, along with the additional benefits, allows the DTI-3200 to prolong the life of a customer's existing equipment. The DTI-3200 also significantly lowers operating costs and expenses by reducing power consumption and heat dissipation.

"We are very excited to offer an alternative to international business users of Motorola EMX switches," said Lyle Coffman, president and COO of DGI. "DGI products are designed using the most advanced technology, offering effective and competitive telecommunications solutions, that are supported by highly experienced individuals committed to exceptional service."

In addition to being pin-compatible, the DTI-3200 card provides two standard E1 interfaces with Alternate Mark Inversion (AMI) or High Density Bipolar 3 (HDB3) line coding to allow use in a wide array of voice and data applications, for both wireline and wireless networks. The DTI-3200 utilizes low-voltage Electronic Programmable Logic Devices (EPLD), Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI). These technologies require fewer components resulting in more space on the card for future enhancements such as integrated echo cancellation, which will be the next feature addition. -0-

 Features and benefits of the DTI-3200:

-- International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standard E1
 compatibility to interface with a broad range of existing

-- AMI and HDB3 line coding formats to allow tailoring to additional
 network configurations.

-- Compatible alarm and error monitoring plus switch selectable
 loop-back settings for diagnostic purposes.

-- Reduced power consumption and heat dissipation to lower utility
 and operating expenses.

-- Latest low-voltage EPLD technology to extend product life.

-- Total compatibility to prolong equipment life and reduce
 life-cycle cost.

-- Improved quality and reliability producing fewer outages and
 improved customer satisfaction.

-- Lower cost plus ability to add future enhancements prolongs life
 and reduces cost and valuable floor space.

Availability and Cost:

The DTI-3200 is available directly from DGI or through 2nd Source Cellular, an authorized distributor of DGI's products. The DTI-3200 costs approximately $5,000 depending on purchase volume. This price is 50 percent less than what customers currently pay.

About DGI Technologies:

DGI Technologies, Inc. develops and sells new upgraded expansion products to long-distance and cellular telephone companies that utilize DEX tandem and EMX cellular switching systems originally manufactured by DSC Communications Corp. With DGI products, customers can upgrade their switching systems, saving money and significantly extending the life of their equipment. Further information is available on the World Wide Web at

(a) Indicates a mark of Motorola, Inc. and Alcatel USA.
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Date:Jul 5, 1999
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