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DFW international cargo figures surge ahead: strong growth continues from Asian and European markets.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has become one of the star cargo gateways of the world, spurred by red-hot economic growth in Asia and the recovering economies of the United States and Europe.

The Texas-based Airport experienced a 19% rise in international cargo for 2003, compared to 2002 figures, exceeding its year-over-year growth average for the past 10 years by more than 6%.

DFW, which recently launched service to Shanghai and Beijing with China Cargo Airlines, has grown its international cargo business at about 13% since 1993. DFW's foreign flag business (non-U.S. carriers) rose 15% in 2003 as cargo markets maintained their recovery.

About 41% of the trade flow through the DFW encatchment area is Asian, while 36% is European, according to U.S. Department of Commerce statistics.

"As the major mid-continent gateway to the world, DFW provides the central location, unmatched transportation facilities and fast, efficient service required by businesses that operate globally," said Bill Frainey, assistant vice president of marketing for DFW. "As importers and exporters have experienced business growth due to the weak U.S. dollar and the stronger economy, we have supported their efforts with vital cargo routes, facilities and services."

The Airport's new service to China has enjoyed huge success, solidifying DFW's preeminent position as the leader in Asian cargo for the South and Eastern United States.

DFW, which is the first non-traditional gateway chosen by a Chinese carrier, offers 26 cargo flights per week into Asia. Currently, the Airport is served by five Asian cargo airlines, connecting to such Asia Pacific destinations as Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Macau, Hong Kong and Singapore.

DFW comprises 18,076 acres of land, with more than two million square feet devoted to cargo warehouse space. The airport offers clients 24-hour customs clearance and seven runways, which help result in fewer delays, greater volume and on-time, cost-effective service.

Like no other gateway in North America, DFW offers more than 2,000 acres of airport land dedicated to air cargo facility development. The Airport, which is home to more than 100 multinational freight forwarders, consolidators and logistics providers, is served by more than 40 cargo carriers that offer local shippers and forwarders access to markets throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

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DFW Cargo Overview

Since 1993, DFW has more than tripled its international air cargo,
due to sustained trade growth, mainly to Asia.

DFW International Air Cargo (Thousands of Metric Tonnes)

1993 59
1994 67
1995 78
1996 77
1997 92
1998 99
1999 123
2000 142
2001 143
2002 161
2003 192

93-03 Growth = 225%
93-03 CAGR = 13%

SOURCE: DFW Annual Statistics

Note: Table made from line graph.

DFW Cargo Overview

Asian freighters are the driving force (81%) behind the robust growth
in foreign flag cargo.

DFW Asian Freighter Air Cargo (Thousands of Metric Tonnes)

1993 6
1994 8
1995 12
1996 18
1997 27
1998 35
1999 52
2000 68
2001 62
2002 88
2003 106

93-03 Growth = 1,667%
93-03 CAGR = 33%

SOURCE: DFW Monthly Flight Activity Reports

Note: Table made from line graph.
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