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DEVIL DOG CARNAGE; Owner hunted after sheep killed.

Byline: Kevan Christie

A FARMER has told of the "total carnage" he witnessed after a devil dog tore its way through his flock of sheep.

Douglas Smith lost six animals in the attack by a Staffordshire bull terrier.

Nearly 20 more sheep were injured.

The dog was captured but its owner is still being hunted by police.

Smith said: "There were bloody sheep strewn all over the field.

"The injuries were horrific. It was certainly one of the worst things I've ever seen as a farmer."

One sheep was found dead in the field and five more had to be put down because of their injuries.

Smith, of Newbarns Farm, near Inverkeilor in Angus, and a vet spent hours attending to the flock after Tuesday's horror attack.

He said: "Eleven sheep required stitches and facial rebuilding.

"It wasn't just one or two puncture wounds on every sheep. The stitching the vet did was on six to eight wounds, with two or three stitches on each one."

Smith said some sheep had their ears almost ripped off, adding: "The dog must have a very powerful bite."

He put his financial loss at "four figures".

The dog is now in the care of Tayside Police and officers are looking for information to track down its owner.

Ian Robb, of Help for Abandoned Animals, said he doubted just one dog was to blame.

He said: "It looks like a cross-Staffie, but I still do not believe one dog could cause that level of damage on its own."


CAPTURED J The crazed dog
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 7, 2012
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