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 SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple Computer Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) expects approximately one thousand developers to attend the first international Newton Platform Development Conference opening today at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara. This industry-wide event is designed to offer third party and in-house corporate developers an opportunity to join the growing family of companies from around the world who are lining up behind Newton technology.
 "The Newton Development Conference is a watershed event for the Newton platform. Following the release of the first rush of feature- rich, robust third party applications, the conference will allow current and new developers to share learning experiences and identify future opportunities," said John Payne, president of Fingertip Technologies Inc. "The service provided by Apple's developer technical support group has been first class, and we look forward to a live forum in which to work through questions, issues and the substantial new functionality which is becoming available in the development tools." Fingertip Technologies Inc. shipped its first Newton title, "Fingertip for Golf" -- a personal, mobile, golf-scoring product, in November 1993.
 "The Newton platform is a fun and powerful environment for developing software with fewer of the compatibility issues developers often face using other platforms," said Cliff Joyce, president of Dubl-Click Software Inc. "The Newton Toolkit has been evolving at a rapid pace, and the Newton Platform Development Conference will be a valuable educational forum in which to learn about the expanding capabilities of Newton developer tools. This conference is the first event wholly oriented toward Newton, and will be a great opportunity to meet other players in the Newton developer community." Dubl-Click Software shipped its first Newton title, "GoFigure" -- a customizable combination of calculators in one easy-to-use program, in November 1993.
 "The knowledge we gain from the Newton Platform Development Conference will significantly influence our strategic plans for Newton software development," said David Ries, general manager of Entry Products for State Of The Art Inc. "By hearing about new and exciting activities within the developer community we hope to learn what works in the Newton world, and increase our productivity by using the developer tools to their maximum advantage, improving our time to market." State Of The Art will begin shipping "ExpensePlus," Newton software which collects, organizes and reports business expenses, this month.
 "We are over the moon at the enthusiasm with which the developer community has responded to the Newton Platform Development Conference," said Philip Ivanier, manager of developer relations for Apple's Personal Interactive Electronics (PIE) division. "This conference will be an enormously productive and inspirational event which will contribute to the powerful momentum we have already witnessed among Newton developers, and help to bring an impressive flood of Newton titles to the marketplace."
 Industry support for the Newton platform continues to gain momentum. More than 2,000 Newton development systems -- Newton Toolkits -- have been sold throughout the world. Over a dozen applications and titles for the Newton platform have been shipped by third party and in-house corporate developers, and more than 40 other companies have announced forthcoming products for Newton. These titles cover a wide range of solutions including communications, healthcare, sales force automation, finance, office productivity, education, real estate and travel.
 Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Apple Computer Inc. develops, manufactures and markets personal computer, server and personal interactive electronic systems for use in business, education, home, science, engineering and government. A recognized pioneer and innovator in the personal computer industry, Apple does business in more than 120 countries across the world.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks; Newton and MessagePad are trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. GoFigure is a trademark of Dubl-Click Software Inc. Fingertip is a trademark of Fingertip Technologies Inc.
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