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Byline: Karen Schwartz Associated Press

Women's salaries are starting to catch up and, in some fields, even surpass men's pay. But more typically, women still earn 5 cents to 15 cents less on the dollar than men working in similar jobs, Working Woman magazine reported Monday.

In a survey being released Tuesday, the magazine found the pay gap for women narrowed significantly in 1995 in some jobs, such as that of computer analyst, but it widened in others. For instance, women bank tellers, brokers and other financial service representatives made 55 percent what their male counterparts earned, down from 66 percent in 1994.

The survey - using figures provided by professional associations, compensation consultants, trade publications and the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics - looked at 28 fields for which salaries were available by gender. It found that women typically earned 85 cents to 95 cents for every dollar earned by men.

"One of the big problems facing women is not that they get paid less when they have the same job with the same experience," the article's author, Diane Harris, said in a telephone interview. "The problem is that women are clustered in traditionally female lower-paying jobs."

The survey found that pay inequities varied by industry and position. Women health managers at hospitals earned about $30,212 to men's $44,200, or 68 percent. That was a decrease from 1994, when women in those positions earned 79 percent of men's wages.

Harris said she could not explain why salaries decreased in some areas.



Box (Color) Salary gaps Working Woman magazine says women in 28 corporate fields earn 85 to 95 percent as much as men and, in a few fields, earn more. Where the gender gap has shrunk, and where it remains. Associate Press
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