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 PRYOR, Okla., Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- DesignCAD Inc. offers Claris CAD users a competitive upgrade to DesignCAD 2D/3D Macintosh for only $99. The Oct. 1, 1993, termination of Claris Corp.'s 2D CAD software will force many Claris CAD users to find another CAD package. DesignCAD 2D/3D Macintosh offers Macintosh CAD users 3D capabilities as well as 2D. The new DesignCAD competitive upgrade is available immediately to Claris CAD users.
 User Benefits: True 3D Modeling
 Four Adjustable Views
 Hidden Line Removal
 Sophisticated Rendering
 DesignCAD 2D/3D Macintosh offers true three-dimensional modeling (which Claris CAD did not have) in addition to the two-dimensional design capabilities. Users work in four adjustable views: front, top, side and three-dimensional perspective. The 3D models may be rotated in true 3D space with hidden line removal. Rendering capabilities include smooth shading, specular reflection, 16.8 million colors, light positioning, transparent rendering and more.
 Corporate CAD Commitment: CAD Only
 Efforts Not Diluted
 CAD is Not a Sideline
 DesignCAD Inc.'s singular commitment is to produce Macintosh CAD software. DesignCAD does not dilute, nor does it plan to dilute, its development efforts with spreadsheets, word processors, etc. DesignCAD 2D/3D Macintosh is backed by DesignCAD Inc., a company with its sole commitment to CAD. Vice President Marketing, DesignCAD Keith Campbell, reassures users, "CAD is not a sideline at DesignCAD like it is at some other companies. Our total corporate commitment is to continue producing high quality, low cost CAD for the Macintosh environment."
 Extras: File Import/Export
 Free On-Line Tutorial
 Reduced Price Symbols Library
 DesignCAD 2D/3D Macintosh reads and writes DXF, IGES, HPGL, PICT, PICT2, and DesignCAD for MS-DOS & Windows file formats. Additionally, DesignCAD writes RenderMan's RIB and PostScript's EPS formats. For this competitive upgrade only, DesignCAD includes a free on-line tutorial to help Claris CAD users more quickly learn DesignCAD 2D/3D Macintosh. DesignSYM, DesignCAD's 6,700 symbols library, regularly $179.95, is also available for only $99 through this competitive upgrade.
 General Info: Floating Point 3D Database
 32-Bit Clean
 Apple A/UX Compatible
 500 Free CAD Symbols
 DesignCAD 2D/3D Macintosh is not just an integer based draw program but true CAD with floating point precision and a three-dimensional CAD database. It is 32-bit clean, Apple/Unix (A/UX) compatible, and takes advantage of System 7 exclusive features. The program ships standard with 500 pre-drawn CAD symbols in five different libraries.
 General: Requirements
 Free Tech Support
 Free Demo & Literature
 DesignCAD 2D/3D Macintosh runs on any Macintosh Plus or better with one 800k floppy drive, hard disk, and 2Mb RAM. It carries unlimited free technical support. Claris CAD users can upgrade for only $99 by faxing the inside title page of their manual or by mailing the main program disk to DesignCAD Inc., One American Way, Pryor, OK 74361. DesignCAD 2D/3D Macintosh is available to others for only $299 through dealers worldwide, mail order, or DesignCAD Inc. To order, or for free brochures and demo disks: phone 918-825-4848, or fax 918-825-6359.
 -0- 9/16/93
 /CONTACT: Keith Campbell, vice president Marketing of DesignCAD, 918-825-4848, or fax, 918-825-6359; or Editors-Only Hotline, 918-825-4985/

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Date:Sep 16, 1993

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