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THERE are certain finishes that we interior designers use on a very regular basis.

For example, wood, slate, glass and metal all have a unique quality that can add an extra dimension to a room scheme. Each having a unique character of their own, they can be combined with other textural and patterned elements with great effect.

Wood has been a big favourite with home owners, architects and designers alike for centuries.

In its simplest form, it adds a warmth and natural quality to a space, but moreover it can become an important element in creating certain styles of interior. Contemporary Scandinavian style relies heavily on the use of timber framed furniture and simple timber style flooring.

A traditional rustic style would lose a lot of its character if it didn't include lovingly worn timber pieces of furniture and the occasional stripped back floorboard clad room.

We all love familiar products and most people will admit to having a few favoured decorative finishes that they love to be surrounded by.

Designers, however, are always looking for new ways to use products and are forever inventing new formats in the hope to create something new and fresh.

Porcelain tiles are now being produced that replicate timber, slate and even metal finishes and this new style of product enables designers to create new and interesting effects.

One of my favourite new products that is a perfect example of this, is the offset parquet from a range called creative woods. A large hard wearing tile, that features a plank effect running in off set directions.

This new product gives a really creative edge to a traditional parquet style floor.

Lesley Taylor is an author and full member of the British Institute of Interior Design. Lesley is also design director at Taylor's Etc. Call 029 2035 8400 or visit or follow @lesleydesigner on Twitter.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 22, 2017
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