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We say that a moth is skittish, but we do not use the same adjective to describe a butterfly. Such is the nature of our idiosyncratic English language. That is to say, certain nouns invite the use of specific adjectives to describe their features. In the matching quiz that follows, link the sixteen words in each of the two columns in order to appropriately complete the phrase "as ADJECTIVE as a(n) NOUN."

       ADJECTIVE      NOUN
   (A) BIG         (1) BEE
   (B) BUSY        (2) BOARD
   (C) COOL        (3) BREADBOX
   (D) CURIOUS     (4) CAT
   (E) FIT         (5) CLAM
   (F) FRESH       (6) CUCUMBER
   (G) HAPPY       (7) DAISY
   (H) LIGHT       (8) DOG
   (I) NEAT        (9) DRUM
   (J) PRETTY      (10) FEATH R
   (K) QUIET       (11) FIDDLE
   (L) SICK        (12) MOUSE
   (M) SMART       (13) MULE
   (N) STIFF       (14) PICTURE
   (O) STUBBORN    (15) PIN
   (P) TIGHT       (16) WHIP
   (A) (3) as BIG as a BREADBOX
   (B) (1) as BUSY as a BEE
   (C) (6) as COOL as a CUCUMBER
   (D) (4) as CURIOUS as a CAT
   (E) (11) as FIT as a FIDDLE
   (F) (7) as FRESH as a DAISY
   (G) (5) as HAPPY as a CLAM
   (H) (10) as LIGHT as a FEATHER
   (I) (15) as NEAT as a PIN
   (J) (14) as PRETTY as a PICTURE
   (K) (12) as QUIET as a MOUSE
   (L) (8) as SICK as a DOG
   (M) (16) as SMART as a WHIP
   (N) (2) as STIFF as a BOARD
   (O) (13) as STUBBORN as a MULE
   (P) (9) as TIGHT as a DRUM

Steve Kahan

Hollis Hills, New York

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Date:May 1, 2019
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