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 SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a summary of a presentation made by Garden Grove-based Dense-Pac Microsystems Inc. today at the Cruttenden Santa Barbara Growth Stock Conference.
 Dense-Pac Microsystems Inc. founded in 1981, packages a line of high density semiconductor products for the commercial, industrial and aerospace markets. The company's products are designed to improve performance and reliability at the system level by reducing space, weight and power. The company procures silicon from a variety of semiconductor foundries, incorporates the silicon dye into high density products utilizing the latest process technology, and Dense-Pac's advanced package designs. The devices are then tested to the highest levels of performance and reliability and marketed in the company's product line. The products range from monolithic semiconductors to the company's patented, award-winning, high density three-dimensional packaging.
 High density packaging is used and needed in numerous applications within the electronics industry. Improved performance in increasingly smaller packages with improved reliability has been a continuous trend in electronics. During the prior 20 years, the investment has been made in reducing size and increasing performance at the Integrated Circuit, (LSI, VLSI, etc.) with much less being done in the concept of packaging to achieve the same results. Industry has only recently begun to focus on "packaging" as the next area where significant breakthroughs will occur in the decade of the 90s. In fact, high pin count complex semiconductors with adequate test methods have reached levels that are both difficult and costly to achieve. Since the drive toward increasing function and improving performance in less space for less cost has not abated, packaging is now the next logical step.
 Dense-Pac pioneered several innovations in the packaging area and currently has patents for three-dimensional packaging that are the highest density currently available in production. The company has had this technology for the past four years and believes that it leads the industry with several shippable products.
 At the current time a large commercial market opportunity is available that Dense-Pac is ready to exploit due to its advanced three- dimensional product development.
 Current Business Forecast
 FY 93 FY 94 FY 95
 (act) (est) (est)
 Sales $7,300 $14,000 $30,000
 Earnings (300) 1,500 4,000
 Earnings Per Share (.03) .10 .26
 -0- 9/13/93
 /CONTACT: William Stowell, 714-898-0007/ CO: Dense-Pac Microsystems Inc. ST: California IN: CPR SU:

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Date:Sep 13, 1993
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