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DEMSAN Textile Machinery.

Demsan started manufacturing with precision plaiting machine in 1978 and now, by exporting to many countries with wide product portfolio. Today, Demsan is one of leading companies in Turkey manufacturing state of the art textile machinery.

According to Mr. Tuncay Demirci, Sales Manager, Demsan Textile Machinery, "We are thankful to our customers for their trust and confidence in Demsan Textile Machinery. Although we are relatively new in Pakistan market, in short period of time, we have sold quite a number of machines, due to our best quality and excellent after sales service."

Precision Plaiting Machine

The precision plaiting machine was highlighted for making double folding precision plaits, where the fabric is folded for each meter. The yarding machine for grey woven fabrics has a working width of 1800 mm up to 3600 mm. Different heights (1400 mm and 2000 mm) (K2 - K3) are also possible. The dancer waltz system for pulling from batcher is another advantage. The machine offers adjustable speed control between 0-40 m/min and an automatic tray down system according to the thickness of the fabric. It has optional Illumination group and Roll Basket.

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Date:Jun 30, 2017
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