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SAN JOSE, Calif. and TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 30, 1995-- Delrina Corporation today announced that it has begun shipping a new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) version of WinFax. Delrina WinFax LITE 4.0 sports a similar user interface to its full featured counterpart, WinFax PRO 4.0, the industry standard in PC fax software. Moreover, many new features have been added that enhance the basic send, receive and fax file management capabilities of previous versions, making WinFax LITE 4.0 the most comprehensive and easy-to-use software available to OEMs.

Among the key new features in WinFax LITE 4.0 are: 1) A new user interface that is based on some of the usability enhancements that were added to WinFax PRO 4.0; 2) Built-in access to Delrina's enhanced communications services, Fax MailBox and Fax Broadcast; 3) Error Correction Mode, which enables reliable support of cellular faxing and binary file transfers; and 4) A more robust phonebook.

Usability -- WinFax LITE 4.0 has inherited a similar user interface to WinFax PRO 4.0. The interface provides consistency across all the various components in the program, making the program easier to learn and use. For example, WinFax LITE has the same file/folder metaphor as WinFax PRO for simpler fax file management. Furthermore, since the interface in LITE is almost indistinguishable from the PRO version, it enables a smoother upgrade path for users.

Built-in Support for Delrina Services -- WinFax LITE 4.0 now includes built-in access to Delrina's enhanced communications services, Fax MailBox and Fax Broadcast. WinFax LITE 4.0 has a new drop-down menu that enables users to easily subscribe to and access Delrina's services. Delrina Fax MailBox is a store and retrieve service that provides users with their own personal mailbox capable of handling fax and voice messages. Users can connect to their mailbox and retrieve their faxes directly from within WinFax LITE. Delrina Fax Broadcast is a service that enables users to broadcast a fax to thousands recipients virtually simultaneously, with a single call. As a part of its strategy to attract more OEM customers Delrina is offering OEMs the opportunity to share in the revenues generated by customers subscribing to the Fax MailBox service.

Error Correction Mode, Cellular Fax Support, and Binary File Transfers -- The quality of a fax transmission has relied upon near perfect line conditions to ensure error-free faxes. However, adverse line conditions cause errors in fax data transmission, which typically appear as random blemishes or half-lines on a page. The problem is further magnified when attempting to fax at the higher transmission speeds of 14.4kbps, or when attempting to fax from a cellular device across a cellular network. WinFax LITE 4.0 supports Error Correction Mode (ECM), which allows fax data errors to be fixed during transmission. ECM enables users with Class 1 type fax modems to send perfect faxes, over any phone line or cellular network. ECM also enables binary file transmissions. WinFax LITE users can now fax their original documents or actual binary files in the same way they exchange binary files through electronic mail. Transmitting binary files enables users to simply double-click on the item and immediately edit it in its native application, such as a Word document or Excel spreadsheet file.

Enhanced Phonebooks -- The previous version of WinFax LITE only provided for the recipient's name, fax number and a field for comments. The phonebook in version 4.0 has been expanded to handle more fields, such as the recipients first and last name, title, company name, full address, notes, telephone and fax numbers. A special field also enables the user to maintain transmission preferences for each recipient to either send a normal fax, to use Delrina's broadcast service or to send the recipient a binary attachment. WinFax LITE 4.0 also allow users to maintain broadcast lists, and enables such lists to be created on-the-fly. In addition, users can maintain settings for up to three different locations. For example, this would allow a mobile user who lives in one area code but works in another, to maintain a different area code and dialing prefix for each location. The user can quickly change his locale from the Setup menu when he changes locations.

The new LITE is an essential ingredient in Delrina's strategy to further expand its OEM business by furnishing new standard product offerings and developing more intimate partnerships with OEM vendors. Delrina expects to ship more than seven million units of WinFax LITE this year.

Delrina Corporation designs, develops, markets and supports innovative PC software products and services for the fax/data and voice communications, electronic forms, and consumer software markets. Founded in 1988, the Company is ranked in sales among the top fifteen software publishers in North America and is recognized as the worldwide leader in PC fax and forms. Delrina employs more than 600 people with headquarters in Toronto, Canada, plus sales, marketing and development offices in San Jose, CA; Kirkland, WA; Washington, DC; Lexington, MA; the United Kingdom; France; and Germany. Delrina can be contacted at (408) 363-2345.

CONTACT: Delrina Corp.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 30, 1995
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