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 CANTON, Mass., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Delphax Systems, a developer of high-speed electronic printing systems, today announced its new Vendor independent System Architecture (VISTA). VISTA is a powerful software printing tool that enables users to operate in a true multi-vendor environment. When fully implemented, the VISTA platform will allow the ingestion of any data stream in and the printing of any data stream out, independent of printer hardware or operating system environment. Additionally, VISTA will enable viewing, indexing, archiving and retrieving of images independent of how the images were initially generated.
 Phase One
 Delphax is making its Vendor Independent System Architecture available in phases. In its initial offering, Phase One will accept AFPDS data stream, and print IPDS format on all Delphax ImageFast Series IE printers; and accept Xerox conditioned data stream on Delphax ImageFast Series 180 IE cut-sheet printers, outputting to IPDS format.
 Inbound Data Outbound Data ImageFast Series
 Stream Stream IE Models
 AFPDS IPDS 150, 180, 240, 300
 Xerox IPDS 180
 Phase Two
 Phase Two will expand Xerox inbound and IPDS outbound to the ImageFast roll-fed printers providing full DJDE and Metacode support across the entire product line.
 Inbound Data Outbound Data ImageFast Series
 Stream Stream IE Models
 Xerox IPDS 150, 190, 240, 300
 Future Offerings
 Future offerings will include inbound support for PCL and PostScript(TM) data streams, network connectivity, a browser function for on-line viewing, outbound support for Xerox, PCL and PostScript and operating platform migration between UNIX and OS2. Future plans also include portability to the recently introduced ultra high-speed ImageFast Series 850 LE.
 "With Vista, Delphax is taking a leadership role in providing an open systems printing solution," said Alex Cimochowski, president and CEO of Delphax Systems. "We believe that Delphax's Vendor Independent System Architecture will have a major impact on the way companies manage their print operations. The capability to send any job to any printer will enable our customers to maximize their hardware investment, increase productivity and lower costs," he added.
 Joel Wecksell, Gartner Group vice president and director of the Electronic Output Strategies Service, concurred, adding that "there is a strong requirement for vendor independent products like VISTA in the printing environment. Users want to deal with any data stream in any way and VISTA provides an excellent platform for them to do just that. Delphax's VISTA will make it easier for companies to implement an "open systems" strategy and provides the added benefit of enabling them to improve their productivity," he added.
 Delphax will make Vendor Independent System Architecture available in a modular format. Additional modules can be purchased to run on the installed PC system. This provides users with the flexibility to purchase only those modules they currently need, and add additional functionality (modules) as required, without purchasing additional hardware. Delphax ImageFast IE Series hardware is sold separately.
 Phase One -- Q1, 1994
 Phase Two -- Q3, 1994
 Pricing includes both a license fee and monthly maintenance fee.
 (All pricing is $US)
 Base System Configuration
 (Inbound Data Streams to Outbound Data Streams)
 License Monthly Maintenance Fee
 AFPDS to IPDS $8,000 $250
 Xerox to IPDS $13,500 $250
 Additional Inbound Data Streams
 AFP $3,800 $125
 Xerox $8,500 $125
 Delphax Systems is a leading worldwide supplier of high-speed Electron Beam Imaging (EBI) page printing systems, print engines, high-speed on-press printing systems, components and supplies. Its products are designed for high-volume applications such as billing and statements and data processing and industrial printing applications. They are marketed direct and through leading value-added resellers (VARs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract licensing partnerships. Founded in 1981, Delphax is a privately-held company, co- owned by Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY), Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) and Olympus Corporation.
 -0- 11/16/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: VISTA overview available upon request/
 /CONTACT: Karin Boyd of Delphax Systems, 617-828-9917/

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