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DELIGIO Ultralow-Power Consumption Chip to Debut at CEATEC JAPAN; Wireless Solution for Voice and Serial Data Transmission.

Tokyo, Japan, Sept 9, 2005 - (JCNN) - Tokyo based Sensor & Wireless Solutions (S&WS) willl introduce the new DELIGIO chip, which aims to make voice and data exchange easier than Bluetooth with ultralow power consumption on par with ZigBee, at CEATEC JAPAN 2005.

DELIGIO is a multi-purpose chip that provides proprietary protocol for wireless solutions,

and comes with 1:n or n:n communication and error correction capabilities that need complex processing otherwise.

S&WS say the chip is 'ready to be used' with any wireless module, while it employs new S&WS proprietary technology for ultra low power consumption.

The chip realizes two-way high-speed serial communication with 4 channel, combining the chip with 2.4GHz RF module. By adding a microprocessor, DELIGIO extends to data collection from sensors, control of equipments, and so on.

DELIGIO uses the 2.4-GHz band and can send and receive data at 256 kbps. Testing conducted by S&SW revealed an error correction capability superior to that of Bluetooth. The result is smooth wireless voice and data communication up to distances of 100 to 150 meters, even in indoor wireless environments where conditions are not particularly good.

A single chip can communicate serially at high speed using four channels, and it allows two-way simultaneous group conversation between up to seven people. Combining multiple chips makes it possible to add an infinite number of users.

The company hopes that the chip will have a range of applications in the audio, medical, transportation, retail and other industries, as well as in factories and leisure facilities.

DELIGIO will be on public display at CEATEC JAPAN 2005, with demonstrations of 'n:n' voice communication using a compact matchbox-sized device.

Source: JCN

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Publication:JCNN News Summaries
Date:Sep 10, 2005
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